Home Discussion Forum Does the government really use fluoride to block our spiritual/psychic senses?

Does the government really use fluoride to block our spiritual/psychic senses?

i thought government promote fluoride to help kill germs? isnt that the purpose? what else could they use?


  1. fluoride is a poison that can kill you if you have too much of it. It also stains your teeth if you have too much. Its fucked up they put it in water because they are too lazy to help pay for dental.

  2. Its main use is to make the populations docile.
    Secondary use is to get rid of aluminum tailing, selling it as tooth paste instead of dumping it into the trash hills and going “green”, the government way.
    Government promotion of fluoride is an excellent example of propaganda and creative re-cycling.

  3. Hitler experimented with flouride (at the same strength) for ‘crowd control’. It is a con by some industries to get rid of a toxic substance by putting it in the drinking water. Pretty dumb. The pretext is that it helps teeth,,,, but it doesn’t. Chlorine is another abomination, which is poison.

  4. No. They add it to drinking water to harden the enamel on your teeth, to reduce tooth decay.
    Fluoride is a natural mineral in many sources of spring water, and scientists noticed that people who drank such mineral water had much less tooth decay than people who drank water that had no fluoride. They got on this trail because very high levels of fluoride make tooth enamel so hard that it becomes brittle and discolored. But people with such problem had almost no tooth decay. They started out tracking down that problem, and discovered that it was an overdose of fluoride that caused those symptoms. But this also lead to the discovery that moderate levels of fluoride, in drinking water, had a beneficial effect, and that lower or higher levels produced teeth that were either too soft or too brittle. There is a best amount of this natural mineral to consume for best tooth hardness and decay resistance.

    John Popelish

  5. Yes it is true, but if you continue to wear the cone shaped hat made of tin foil you can overcome the interference caused by the fluoride molecules and continue to receive your spiritual/psychic energies.
    In the mean time enjoy the residual benefit of fewer cavities.

  6. Fluoride was once used to kill rats, it was to deadly and killed them to fast, and the other rats stopped eating it, so they came up with a method that took three days to kill them,
    And the Companys selling fluoride paid city officials under the table to put it in the city water,
    It numbs the creativity mind.


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