Home Discussion Forum does the golden dawn side with god or satan?

does the golden dawn side with god or satan?

pretty simple question, didnt want to make it complicated, and also this doesnt imply my lack of knowledge as i am full of it.


  1. Here is a simple clue.
    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
    I think that is specific to Crowley but it really sums up the Golden Dawn nicely.

  2. wow you are full of it.
    J/K me love you long time.
    Are you trying to propogate your hermeticism? I suggest standing on street corners with a microphone, that gets attention faster. 🙂

  3. Crowley infected everything with the religion Thelema. They have nothing to do with the christian god or satan as far as i know

  4. Alright, first of all, NO they do NOT side with satan. Second of all Thelema was NOT Golden Dawn, it was Crowley’s own made up religion based on corrupted ideas mixing together.
    For a great idea on the basis of Hermeticism and the Golden Dawn, read the Corpus Hermetica, and understand it well! It is a complete precursor of christianity, as well as holding the answer to many of life’s questions without the use of allegories (like the bible), and uses logic and reason as means of understanding the divine.
    Read – http://www.ancienttexts.org/library/egyptian/hermetica/index.html

  5. The Golden Dawn summon demons and that to me is not positive.They say they are middle path,but summoning demons isn’t middle path,it’s left path – satanism. The origins lie with king Soloman,who called up demons to build churches etc. They have both a black and white handles knife/knives.The black one is to frighten and take control of spirits.It’s up to you how this makes you feel,but it certainly doesn’t sit with me. People bury their heads in the sand because they say it’s balanced and middle ground.

  6. An interesting question to be posited. Noted that none of the previous answers are given by a member of the order. As a neophyte in the GD, the perception that magical orders are of Satan and cannot be of God is only acceptable if one were to give evidences of such a claim. Commonalities in ritual, the general evidence for such a claim does not denote an adherence to the faith that uses the similar ritual. This is like saying that ALL Christians are Mormons because they believe in God and pray. Yet it ought to be noted that Levayan Satanists do not typically use the same rituals in their original design… Satanists are keen to undermine the Fundamental for the mere sake of their personal power. This self-aggrandizement and egotistical worship reduces the nature of a GD ritual to a fluke of the fancy. One’s Higher-Self or Soul as it were is daily spent on moving contrary to the Divinity God has placed within. While prayer is functional in such regard, it is more proficient to reduce the natural distraction and place that most inward part of ourselves of total revelation and admiration to the Eternal Creator of the universe.


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