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Does the female have the rite to create what she will or are her creative abilities governed by man?

by Consort–²of the–¼Goddess:

“Ecstasy is the frequency that heals us and the earth. Ecstasy is most definitely a feminist frequency, it is the prerogative of all women and all people that has been stolen from us in our surrender to the patriarchal view of life. Ecstasy is a tremendous energy, which, when exhibited by female shamans, healers, and other women who link directly to the source of consciousness, has been the cause of fear by patriarchal emissaries. Patriarchy contains within it a massive plot to stamp out ecstasy, but we must reclaim this force without fear. Yoga gives us some tools to do this. Therefore, it is, at its truth, a feminist ally… Be aware not to fall into the patriarchal limitations that surround some schools of thought within yoga. In order to stay free of this, once a woman has studied and is able to monitor the effects of her practice, she should define her own yoga, perhaps under sincere guidance at first, which will allow her to liberate herself as soon as possible.”

Answer by Lucky Man 2
Females have the right to create what they want or what she will.


  1. Isnt exstacy a drug?
    That aside, no man controls me.
    the DEA stamps out weed, peyote and other mind altering drugs. I dont think it is right either, and it has nothing to do with *man* but more to do with the establishment, in other words, organized government.
    I read somewhere that when the DEA started getting serious, the first drug that they banned was peyote, and it is because it is a mind expanding drug for Native Americans.

  2. I’m confused…
    How do you associate what some would call an emotion and other would call a sensation with a “frequency?”

  3. No…..you don’t need the permission of another to create
    The fact that you have to ask implies you haven’t given YOURSELF permission
    You got mine….go for it darlin
    You will need at least a doner to create new life itself…I doubt permission for that would be hard
    Wait….permission to be hard didn’t sound right…….
    I doubt permission would be difficult for that
    And “chips on shoulders” against gender ……won’t really help you or anyone…..right
    Yoga gives you some tools…a boyfriend gives you some other tools
    like um…he could fix stuff
    but if you want to swear off men go right ahead….your a better man/person then me
    no matter how….ur um ….not hard……MUCH I try I can’t seem to swear off woman
    Although they make me want to swear at them once in awhile

  4. She does not have the rite and will not until man connects with the divine feminine within. A woman’s creative fire is stifled and has been for as long as there has been male and female.
    The feminine has been imprisoned far too long. The chains have been wrapped so tightly that impressions have been branded deeply into her fragile existence. Even when she frees herself from a link of the chain she is still bound by borders of man.
    She can cut the binds away but she still isn’t free because she is bound by man’s patriarchal limits. Someday the feminine will be liberated and there will be peace.
    Thank you Priest for a wonderful question.
    Mudslinger forever…


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