Home Discussion Forum Does the expansion of consciousness require a human sacrifice?

Does the expansion of consciousness require a human sacrifice?


  1. When our loved ones die and that my friend is even to extended family our consciousness is expanded because a part of our consciousness goes with them. We are transformed daily by death in the physical realm even when we are not even aware. We all are returning to the ONE through the expansion of consciousness. A human body can only take so much wear and tear, thus it must return to its natural state.
    Death is not the end of consciousness, but the end of a long journey to home. In that final moment your consciousness will merge with the Divine and you will be free forever from the chains that bind.
    Peace always

  2. I think that the metaphor for sacrifice might include courage.
    Courage allows us to be our true selves….even in the face of opposition. This would involve the dissolution of the aspect of ego which inhibits us.
    Perhaps we sacrifice our self perceptions and our self protection in order to become more.
    The letting go of encrusted conditioning can hurt sometimes.
    Our consciousness originates in an expanded state….so all we have to do to access it is to allow ourselves to Be more.


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