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Does the energy chi exist or not?

1:38 – 2:42. please be honest, is this real or staged: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F3ovb2kZ9Q. And how true is it because my doctor told me that it doesn’t exist, thanks.
1:38 – 2:42.


  1. Sure?
    Why not?
    Look in the real world.
    Decode this lyrics ” You’ll see”
    ‘Wonderful wonderful”
    “Wonderful life”
    “Time after time”
    “Don’t know much”
    “Wonderful world”
    “Just another day”
    “What a wonderful world”
    “”Mama Mia”
    “Nobody told me”
    “The Great commandments”
    “I can see clearly now”
    Interesting isn’t it?
    How come the tribe know about it?
    Where did the learn about it?
    How they called it ” Chi ” in own dialect in time?
    Why tribe of different community do not even know about it?
    Luke 21.30-36
    Luke 9.25,55-56,60
    Luke 8.5-8,10-17
    Luke 24.44-45,47-48
    What do you think?

  2. No, it does not. The body only produces three quantifiable forms of energy: neurological, electromagnetic, and caloric or thermic energy.
    Trust your Doctor. And ask yourself this: if medical science cannot find any empirical evidence of such an energy source, and no one can provide documented proof, how do all these supposed, so-called “psychic vampires” know that it’s real?
    Because they are making it all up. Lock, stock, and barrel. There is no chi, psychic energy, the Force, etc. The fire produced from the newspaper is from a chemical reaction between glycerol and potassium manganate seven. The whole “chi doctor” in the video is a clever scam designed to separate desperate people (seeking a miracle cure) from their money. The scam is that, like a magician, you never see the whole trick.
    Inside the newspaper is a previously prepared plastic bag of liquid glycerol with a smaller bag of potassium manganate seven inside it. When the “doctor” folds the paper up he is actually mixing the two chemicals inside the bag, hidden from view by the newspaper. Seconds later chemical combustion occurs, making it look like he used his “chi” to ignite the paper.

  3. well, if you translate the word “chi” literally into English, it would be “breath”. So I guess it’s a question of whether or not you think breath exists.


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