Home Discussion Forum Does the Earth have an internal energy force?

Does the Earth have an internal energy force?

I have heard that some people are more tuned into these subterranean forces in the Earth. What are these forces called and how do they effect people?


  1. Yes, the core of the earth is very hot, in fact molten. So there is energy stored there in the form of heat. Think of the earth as a big calzone. We live on the hard outside, and the inside is a nice hot goey mess. Sometimes sauce pushes up through the crust, which causes volcanic activity and the pressure can cause earthquakes.
    hmmmm, calzones…….I think I need some lunch.

  2. Absolutely! The forces are known as Gravity and Electromagnetism. And yes, it’s absolutely true that some people are more tuned into these forces than others.
    For example, fat people are more affected by gravity than other people. It often causes them physical impairment. And people who stand next to flag poles during thunderstorms are much more attuned to lightning than people who remain indoors.
    You could say that these forces are the heart of the planet. And although they try to destroy us every day, we certainly couldn’t exist without them. 🙂

  3. The earth has an iron core which produces electro-magnetism, a force that keep the solar particles at bay and the fine shell of the atmosphere around us. We can measure the electo-magnetic forces where they had been ‘fossilised’ as rocks cool and when we use a compass. Some people may be more susceptible to this very faint electrical charge as probably some migrating birds are. This means that they can pick up, feel, perhaps with the aid of metal ‘dowsing’ rods, this electrical variation, as with made electricity. There is anecdotal evidence, but technology may be doing away with the need for such senses now. .

  4. Hey goo…
    Well both answerers so far are sort of right. The earth has a molten iron core, yes, but the fact that it is iron causes it to interact with the magnetic field of the sun. I believe, although this has never been discussed that I know-of, that this is what causes both the Earth’s magnetic field and part of the heat which keeps us alive. btw, the magnetic field of the Earth has no part in attracting our atmosphere but it does protect us from the Solar radiation that the sun emits.
    this is part of a post I made on another question about this:
    Prior to and during earthquakes, low frequency electromagnetic fields of 3 -5 cycles per second are often generated, apparently by the movement of molten magma, which has a high Iron content. The response of birds and other animals prior to an earthquake is well known and there is a theory that they are able to sense the magnetic variations. Birds are specially sensitive to this, probably because they have a magnetic sense that allows them to orient north and south.
    It has been determined by core samples of cooled lava layers that the magnetic field of the Earth has reversed direction thousands of times, so this has happened fairly recently, in geological terms, and may actually happen in our lifetime. The effects of such a shift are unknown but both the geological evidence and computer modeling of this phenomenon suggests that it happens fairly rapidly, in something like 4 or 5 years, and that, prior to this transition, odd magnetic anomalies crop up at various points of the earth. It has been sugested that the “Bermuda Triangle” is just such an anomaly. Unfortunately for us, the earths magnetosphere is not only essential to radio transmission, but is also instrumental in protecting us from solar radiation. The sun is VERY active both in spewing out radiation and in generating HUGE EM fields. I’ve always been curious about the relationship of this to phenomena such as astrology, for instance.
    So yes, the Earth has a huge and very important energy field


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