• The original astrologies (which are crap) involved only the planets that could be seen with the naked eye; so what happens to the outer planets means nothing. Modern astrology (which is also crap) does use the outer planets but it’s crap, so it means nothing.

  • Interesting question. Never thought about that.

    I don’t study astrology, but I think it would throw all the charts way off.
    Ater all, Astrology has to do with planets aligning and being in certain constellations. What happens when a new planet is discovered? If there are planets that we never knew existed, then we can’t be sure that they were all aligned at one point of time.

    Also, what about stars that have exploded and we don’t know it yet? Stars (excluding our sun) are millions of light years away. It’s light takes that long to travel to us. So basically we are peering into the past when we see a star. So if a star a million light years away were to explode today, we wouldn’t know it until a million years from now. I guess that would negate Astrology as well.

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