does the diagnosis of auditory halucination always reject the possibility of telepathy?

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if the possibility of telepathy exists how can psychology reject Hearing voices as a “spiritual” gift?

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You can’t call something a hallucination (properly, at least) until you have determined that it is due to something other than religious beliefs. In many cultures, “hallucinations” are quite common. We don’t consider these symptoms that count toward a diagnosis. Or we aren’t supposed to, at least.


The possibility of telepathy exists in the same way as the possibility of human levitation. Present evidence is against it, and you wouldn’t risk someone’s life on it.
Reasons: we know what kind of energy the mind emitts. Background radiation overpowers in (which is why we need big machines, sealed off rooms or electrodes placed actually on the scalp to measure it). We also (through this measuring) know what every specific area of the brain does, and there is no area either large enough or involved in activity to distinguish such complex stimuli as brain energy (such stimuli would be at least as complicated as sound or light energy, which require huge areas of cortex to make sense off). So the possibility of telepathy is firstly very slim. It has also never been demoinstrated reliably in controled conditions.
Secondly: hallucinations are often sucessfully treated (positive symptoms of schizophrenia are usually very responsive to drug therapy), have been accidently induced when treating people with the same chemicals as cause schizophrenia (read Awakenings by O. Sachs), and we know where the originate from in the brain (auditory centre, specific to sound, no other perceptions feed into it) and they are equvalent to hallucinations in every other modality. So unless there actually are huge purple spiders that for some reason only some schizophrenics can see, we can assume hallucinations are just that.
Thirdly and most importantly; some psychologists have in the past attempted to get people to listen to the voices in an attempt to control them/find the root cause (before it was proven to be chemical). Whenever this had an effect, it tended to be to the detriment of the patient, making both their ability to cope and progression of the disorder worse. So even if you insist on believing this in light of all the availiable empirical evidence, I would recommend being safe and not proposing it to patients until you have considerable evidence of your own, preferably reviewed by someone impartial.

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Psychology rejects the idea of GOD. Therefore rejects the spiritual. Why else are there so many drugs to induce or submiss the spiritual side of man.


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