Does the current financial crisis in the USA reflect a deep seated and dangerous spiritual problem?

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Happy funtime Metroid


No Chance Without Jesus

It is the harvest of greed and self centered gain seeking..

The Reverend Soleil

In a word, no.
It reflects a deep-seated problem with government intrusion in a free market economy, by pressuring banks to loan money to people who don’t have the ability to pay it back.




It reflects human greed….And an economic system that rewards greed.



mr bunnie

if god existed, it would go according to his plan.

RU4 real?

It could be interpreted that way.


Yes, with the ones in control. They need to be enlightened.

Lola Cola

How spirtualism effects the economy I do not know. I would suggest that it doesn’t.
Mortgage crisis lead to the commercial paper market crisis lead to our current situation.


The spiritual problem in our country is that big businesses are relying on the government for bailouts rather than planning ahead for a rainy day.


No you need to separate church from state. Church’s are not as greedy as American Politicians and the Special Interest Groups that control Washington and the Policy makers…

Bluto Blutarsky59

no it reflects a bunch of idiots who handed out mortgages above the level that people could afford and without regard for the inflated value on the properties they were using as collateral.



Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian

Yeah – the problem is that the Christian right managed to elect Dubya TWICE.


Great question! I think you might be hitting the nail right on the head here. Perhaps it is because of our lack in spiritual connection, that we are forced to endure all the chaos going on everywhere we look.
Here are two wonderful videos that examine this problem and explain a solution in fixing what is occurring, by our own individuals efforts. I hope they might help in finding an answer to your very timely question. Best wishes. Peace….River


yeah. capitalism.

Viterbo Christianati Empress

No, but you’re not far off. It’s a deep seated and dangerous government problem. When we have a president like Bush who supports “Big Businesses”, (they bought Bush), businesses stop paying their workers as much as they should, hire God knows how many VP’s to earn the incomes of entire departments, certain departments are therefore shut down for lack of funds, (big mystery, huh). Then, they hire people and pay them less and expect the new hires to do the jobs of three or four different professions, and the ones who want to be paid what they deserve don’t get hired so, the companies out source for cheap labor. As a result, people are broke, no one can by what they need and big business suffer also.
The gist: When the people go broke, big business go broke.
This is something our government and big business can’t seem to understand. If our government were to give the people $700 billion to spend, then our economy would have grown instead of shrinking continuously while VP’s are spending our tax dollars on $425,000 spa treatments.


No dear, it’s a financial problem, not a spiritual one.

Bob d

yes and most of it comes in the form of disobedience to G-D not having the laws that G-D written in their minds or heart. lost souls of all those that make Sunday their holy day.

Abigail FTW

Yes I think so! There seems to be a financial crisis world wide & is
indicative of serious spiritual problems, But seems to be more
noticable in USA. Eventually ALL Nations will feel the effects.


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