does the buzz website for how to get telekinesis actually work?

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me and my friend went on the website to get telekinesis and telepathy.we just wanted to know if it works.

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It doesn’t work, it’s just make-believe. I know, it would be really cool if it was real, but it’s not. Just pretend. And a lot of people never moved past the pretend stage. But if it were cool, there’s millions of dollars in prizes for anyone who would prove it – and wow, would that be easy to prove.


…..sounds fake

The Great Gazoo

Don’t be silly. Of course not.


Eri is right I’m afraid, it’s a lovely idea, but one of the prizes she probably means is James Randi’s $1,000,000 challenge to anyone who can prove any paranormal power, that includes telekinesis and telepathy, people who practice them are just conjurers like Randi, except they claim paranormal powers, while no magicians ever do.
Have a look at the great man himself:


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