Home Discussion Forum Does the butterfly effect have any influence on consciousness?

Does the butterfly effect have any influence on consciousness?

When you were 5, and you were playing outside that day, would you be a totally different person now if you were wearing a shirt of a slightly different shade of red than the one you actually did wear?
Well, of course if someone made a big deal out of it, then it’s effects would be seen much sooner. However, If it’s just a tiny bit different, and 2 retinal cells in your eye behaved slightly differently for 2 seconds, then you’d still lose that cub scouts baseball game 52-0, but a few years later there should start to be noticeable changes in you. Right, or wrong?


  1. No. Any effect as slight as that would be canceled by the background noise of what else is going on at the time. That’s why the butterfly effect is overrated.

  2. Good question. I think it would depend if someone said, How dare you wear a red shirt like that? or, You stole that shirt. I had one just that color. The Butterfly effect after all only has influence when it ties in with other circumstances and actually triggers the hurricane. In most cases the butterfly disturbs the wind a little–and nothing comes of it.


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