Home Discussion Forum Does the bible contain a higher level of Chi, or Prana?

Does the bible contain a higher level of Chi, or Prana?

And what is the best modality to unlock the flow of these through the Holy word to effect the greatest Kundalini healing potential? Is the anointing necessary, or is the logos sufficient?


  1. lol i think you are playing with these christians on here with this question since most of them would say Chi and Prana are of the devil and not of the bible. man if you want to do some thing with the bible go burn it some where and then go find a tree to listen to the wind under and the creator god will speak with you in your heart

  2. Great question! YES it DOES!!! The Bible contains wisdom beyond what is usually taken from it. The more you can understand, the more power and knowledge you gain.
    Those who discover the TRUE purpose will prosper well from it. The WORD of God is the seed, the better the soil, the better the crop. Soil can grow crops as is, but enriched it can grow even better crops. The more you understand the Bible the more you will get from it and the better your life will be. It isnt just a matter of reading the Bible and expecting good luck, but when the truth is revealed to you, and you learn to have an undying faith in God- your life will inevidably change for the better- first in your spirit, and in the positive energy it will bring- then in the glorious benefits you gain by your new faith.
    TRUE faith becomes easy once you learn who and what God really is. Believe me, it is WAY beyond the traditional ideals of man, and knowing answers all questions!

  3. I don’t understand how you equate Chi – life force – or, Prana – the Breath – to the Bible???
    Are you asking if the Bible is filled with air? Hot air? Air being Prana – or are you suggesting it is filled more with air than true vitalizing Life?
    Explain yourself?
    Two excellent methods to unlock the flow of these elements through methods other than words, are: Learn Tai Chi Chuan. After two or three sets, the Chi is flowing and blockages are bansihed. Also, deep breathing exercises (Use of the Breath) are excellent for unlocking blockages in the body and purifying it.
    To use the Holy Word to effect proper energy balances within the body, you can have some good effects by declaring Truths: “I and the Father are One.” Repeat this for several minutes.
    As for Kundalini energy – be careful with this energy. A good way to experience it is: Sit on the floor, cross legged, or Indian style. Keep your hands on your thighs. Ensure you spine is straight. Sit tall. Keep you head balanced in the Center. Now, with the top part of your body, make circular motions, deeply and widely. In a short time, the Kundalini energy will manifest itself. Kundalini energy lays at the base of the spine. It is said to , in part, serve to maintain the ordinary nervous system activities. Never do a lot of this. It’s a potent energy.
    No anointing is necessary for any of this. God’s Truths are always enough, in themselves.
    You may also sit on the floor, cross legged, hands on thighs and chant “OM.” In 10 minutes the energy will move downward in the body and out and flow perfectly. “OM” energizes.
    These are all aspects of Eastern Religion. Wonderful for purification of the body. Adding a taste of this to our Western beliefs is “spicy” and teaches that the body is an energy center.
    There are times when these methods are truly useful. To relieve tensions and stress.
    I, myself, think of you as a very uncomfortable person who spends all of his time attempting to stir up trouble. None of this is of great importance in knowing your relationship with God. If you prefer Eastern Religions – why do you need to bash or try to embarrass Christians with the feelings that they are ignorant and you are smart?


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