Does the bible actually make sense?

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Knowing that written in it are warnings to spiritually open (meaning people have an open heart chakra and third eye chakra and have meditated or were born with spiritual abilities) people that its a lie, and from a negative source.

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Great Gazoo

Sure…once you realize it’s BS




Maybe if you told us what these “spiritually open…people that its a lie” are we can address them one at a time.


No it does not because it has been changed many times through out history ……..after doing a little research its very obvious its been changed to suit different monarchs,kings &queens through out history. for example -the “the king james version ” of the bible .

The third eye and all of that is from the Luciferian religion. There is no doubt there are other spiritual forces on the Earth than God’s angels, but like you already mentioned, they are not of God.
Any power received through such practices are only temporary, and are not worth losing your soul over. The Bible says these powers come from demons that inhabit individuals.
The more demons you invite into yourself, the harder it will be to hear the Truth of God when the time comes. I debated with a Luciferian. I made him very uncomfortable just by telling him what the Bible says about hell.


Try reading 1 Corinthians 12. And Matthew 6:22, KJV. God wants us know about and use our spiritual abilities. But in the right ways. People think a person with “gifts” in their church has the Holy Spirit, and anybody else is an azzhole. God gives generously, but we can abuse these things.

Love of Life

Sadly few people realize what you just said.


isant it a real insult to our great creator to belive in astrology?

deamons -mediums- wizards- and lack of true knowlege -dont you agree

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