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Does the aura of the word SUPERBOWL diminish the League Titles of teams like Browns and Lions who won pre 66?

I certainly don’t think so. I think a League title is just as good in ANY ERA. However, I’d like to know what YOU think
The 66 Packers were of course the “Official” beginning of what we know as “Winning the Superbowl”. However, there were ALOT of great teams and thrilling League Championship games prior to that!


  1. I don’t think so. Sports fans with a sense of history understand that the NFL title game (prior to the Super Bowl era) was the zenith of the sport. I’m comfortable in the knowledge that prior to the SB and the league merger, the NFL champions were superior to the AFL champions.
    With few exceptions the AFL consisted of players that did not make NFL rosters at the time.

  2. Yes, the ’58 Colts for one, in what was hailed as the greatest game ever played. Cleveland and Detroit ruled the NFL in the 50’s and Green Bay in the ’60’s but, these teams do not seem to have the cache that Dallas, Patriots, or Pittsburgh carry on to this day. It could be the mystique of the Super Bowl or just that the baby boomer generation came into their own in the late ’60’s and carried the bravado and popularity of the Steelers and Cowboys along for the ride. It will be interesting to see if the crescendo of fanfare continues over the next twenty to thirty years as the boomer population wanes and starts to die off.


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