Does that little voice in your head mean you have psychic powers?

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every time im paranoid about something that little voice in my head is like “oh dont worry” or “it’ll be ok” or even “thats not true!”. they always turn out right (i know its me but NEwayz) does this mean i have psychic powers or something? no im not crazy im curious
thanks i use the “little voice” as a guide… thanks

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its a sign you are self aware and have the ability to reason and evaluate your own and others circumstances and has nothing to do with psychic powers, Truth is when you stop hearing the little voice in your head its time to draw some concern.

lEXX;;aka dUSERR

helll noo. it doesnt mean yu have some type of powers!!


That’s not what the voice in my head tells me. He is always getting me in trouble.


This is normal.
If it quacks like duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck then it is a duck.
Just be happy about it do not bat on it to any major extent, enjoy this little voice without getting a big head over it.


Having voices in your head clearly shows that you have a psychic disorder, but NOT power.
However, if those voices are good messages, like in your case, then, nothing to worry too much.
My voices arenot so nice, and i’m seen psychiatrist for it.


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