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Does telepathy work……..?

Does telepathy work?
Could it change people’s minds? My friend said her boyfriend broke up with her suddenly because of the telepathy she sent to him.
And she wasn’t with him at the time she sent him the telepathy- he was miles away. He broke up with her on the phone


  1. There is little eveidence that direct mind to mind communaction works. That being said when to people are familer with each other sometimes they can tell what the other is thinking.
    Also sometimes if you open your mind to it you can tell when something is going to happen

  2. Certainly. I don’t know of anyone who is capable of such a feat, but certainly telepathy “works”. Reading minds is simply a matter of being able to detect low level electrical signals (produced by the brain) and to be able to understand their significance. It is quite reasonable to project that we will one day be able to produce equipment capable of reading minds. Now, it seems that all we are capable of doing is hearing without understanding (EKG).
    Jim, http://www.bible-reviews.com


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