Does Telepathy really exists ? if yes how does it work ?

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I have experienced it, but on a limited basis. My very best friend and I have communicated telepathically for years. My friend and I can actually hear pertinent conversations or thoughts, word for word. It is as though he is talking in my mind. We have confirmed this after the fact in face to face conversations. These messages have always been important and thus explains why the information was transferred telepathically. Aside from him there have been quite a few instances I can recall of hearing the thoughts or words of others, but don’t know if they linked with me in the same way. I’m not sure how it works, it just does.
Additional detail:
It has nothing to do with demons. In fact I believe the ability was given to me as a gift from the higher power I call God.

Pastor Ken

Demons make it possible. Then later, when you realize a higher truth with God, it stops.


I have just thinked you an answer…… did you get it?????


in x-men, its like u can get in other peoples mind and send them thoughts.


Yes, but not like in fiction, not literal “reading/hearing the thoughts of others”. It is more of tuning in with others. You think alike, you act and speak alike. You say things he/she was about to say etc.


What telepathy is, is the ability to pick up peoples thoughts. It’s sort of like being a TV antenna, for people with really sensitive telepathy you’ll pickup surface thoughts from people all around you,which would create a wild amount of psychic noise in the back of your head.
It takes years of practice to be able to filter them and make sense of the cacophony of psychic turmoil, kind of like being in a mall at Christmas time and trying to hear what someone across the mall is trying to say to you through all the conversations taking place between you.


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