Home Discussion Forum Does telepathy really exist? I keep dreaming of an ex boyfriend.?

Does telepathy really exist? I keep dreaming of an ex boyfriend.?

I was wondering if telepathy exist because I dream frequently with an ex boyfriend and the dreams are very real. In my dreams, he asks other people of how I am doing, and that I am married as I am and he also is with someone. Then I will dream that I will see him somewhere, or that he says “forgive me for everything”. We have not seen each other in 3 years and I dont even know where he is . When we used to have a relationship and we had problems, odd things would happen like I would think very strongly about him, and then he would call me the next day, after 2 months of not even seeing him. I would also dream of things and then they would happen with me and him. Can someone help. Why does this happen? or am I psychic?


  1. No, it does not. It has been proven though people continue to believe in it because the reports are no longer breaking news worthy thus making them less known. Also, it has become so popular that it’s almost impossible to prove most people otherwise no matter the evidence. These reports may not be getting the press they require as well because of the money that this pseudo crap rings in.
    PM me for any other info, I have written a full psychology report which included multiple well known very professional and prestigious articles to back up my opinion.
    Anaise: A Psychology course would definitely not help her case, lol. That’s like telling somebody who believes in creationism to take a biology course based on the origin of species to solidify their beliefs.

  2. This is a definite strong sense of a powerful skill that you need to exercise more often. People have this power but they don’t nurture it to use it effectively.
    Some folks might say its freaky, others will embrace it. You need to strengthen it more but take good care of what visions you have when you dream.
    I can sit with a person for 30 minutes and allow them to do most of the talking and know where they came from, where they are at now, and where they are going tomorrow–just by 30 minutes.
    I have had dreams where something takes place and in the morning, its first reported on the news. It was a scary thing in the past, but now I embrace it and there are still times I wish I didn’t feel that particular energy.
    Take psychology courses and work with people to strengthen your insight and your intuition will be even more powerful.

  3. I would guess that the simplest reason this is happening is that you have unresolved feelings and you, either subconsciously or consciously, are thinking about your ex. Your dreams are just reflecting your thoughts and in a way are trying to resolve thoughts and fears that you have. The thinking about people and then them calling is more common then you might think.
    The phenomenon basically arises from people thinking about other people a lot and receiving phone calls a lot. There is always going to be an intersection between those two events and if it happens enough it starts to seem eerily coincidental, but is in fact just the case that you forget all the times you received calls and weren’t thinking of anyone.
    The dreaming of things that happen later is a mixture of two basic things.
    First: You dream a lot, everyday in fact. Sometimes you remember it, sometimes you don’t. And when you dream everyday, you are creating thousands of events for your mind to look for to occur in real life, your rain is built to recognize patterns, so if something that happened in your dream seems to happen in real life, your brain will pick it up very easily.
    The other part in the dream phenomena is just the fallibility of memory. Humans’ memory is not as good as most think and if you get that sort of deja-vu feeling, you may think it came from a dream and your mind is able to convince itself so well that it may even implant a false memory of the dream you believe happened.
    So when there are fairly simple natural explanations for what has happened, I use Occam’s Razor and choose the ones that require less extraordinary leaps of imagination.
    p.s.: “…..”, don’t be so harsh, she is asking a serious question and deserves a well thought out answer, not an angry attack. I think it’s awesome that she’s asking this as a question and not just outright believing that it’s true in the first place. Asking questions is the first step in thinking critically about these things

  4. I definitely believe there is something that connects people whether it is telepathy or not. I don’t get too many dreams of my ex but it’s weird because every time I do I can guarantee that he will email me or call me or I will run into him or his family the next day. Every time. The last time I had a dream of him he called the next day wanting to meet up after not seeing each other for 2 years and after we had started talking on friendly terms seeing how each other has been, etc. when we got together he told me he has had a guilty conscious for everything he had done to me in oh previous relationship and that he wanted to say sorry. He told me that up to his decision to start talking and later his decision to meet in person he had been having dreams of us talking normally and that we were friends. of course I had the same feeling in my dreams too. I think that dreams convey our guilts and desires. In his case, guilt for he things he put me through and he way we ended, and in my case, Ive been wanting closure and understanding of the truth and why things ended he way it did. it’s up to people to act on those feelings, especially when conveyed to us in strongly resonating dreams. And I guess in a way telepathy exists for people whose life situations and desires meet perfectly at a personal subconscious interface that coincidentally one another experiences at relatively similar times.

  5. Call it what you want but I am no longer convinced these are coincidences as (once again) two nights ago literally in the middle of dreaming of my ex, I got a “ding” (text message on my phone). I haven’t dreamt of him in months and when I do, it’s garaunteed he contacts me the following day. I have zero interest in him anymore but this continues to occur. This has happened at least 10 times. It’s so so accurate.. Not sure why this happens but would rather use this super power on other things or other people lol. Could be because he really felt like my soulmate for a very very long time

  6. I believe you. I have also experience telepathy with my ex-girlfriend. She was my first love and our relationship ended ubruptly.
    I moved on and met someone else and now happily married with children, but in the beginning of my new relationship, I kept dreaming with my ex-girlfriend. I feel that a lot had to do with the fact that I still remembered her.
    Something inside me felt the urge to call her. So, I did. She agreed to meet one day and we talked about our past relationahip. How things could have been different should either one put more effort and that sort of things, but what shocked me the most was that she was also dreaming with me a lot. Therefore, she also had to see me for one last time.
    In conclusion, we both shared the phenomenon known as telepathy dreaming. We both were connecting in our dreams to put closure in our past love. I was happy to see her once more sort of set record straight.


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