Home Discussion Forum Does telepathy really exist? How do you prove that?

Does telepathy really exist? How do you prove that?

Is telepathy related to spirituality?


  1. I don’t think it’s greatly related to spirituality, although I believe that a person with her/his mind open to such things would be more likely to experience it, but in my view that’s down to the fact that your expectations inform your reality.
    Rupert Sheldrake has initiated an intersting experiment with phone calls , where out of a list of people the person at the other end of the phone had to be guessed before lifting the receiver. The results were clearly above what would be pure chance.
    His theories about morphic/ morphogenetic fields are very interesting in that context.
    From my own experience I’m convinced that it exists.

  2. um…
    i personally know that telepathy exists
    people who went thru meditation especially monks in the South East Asian Countries have the ability to read people’s mind
    Few years ago, my brother in law’s dad went to a meditation ‘seminar’ given by a monk from Thailand
    The monk was talking about life after death or something i can’t really remember,but my brother in law’s dad wasn’t listening while thinking of other stuffs
    Then the monk just said, If u’re not interested listening my talk, why wasting ur time here?
    And i personally encountered the same case as well which happened to me last year. Me and my gf went to the same temple and we met that monk coincidently, and that day he’s the one having the talk as well.
    At that time, my mind was like out of control, i was thinking that i dont really believe that this monk can read my mind
    embarassed to mentioned that i tried to think that the monk was naked etc ( which was disrespectful,but as i said,i can’t control my mind)
    U know what? Surprisingly, the monk said, ” You guys know why people got insane? Because they can’t control their mind…they keep thinking of random things that are …(i forgot what he said after that)”
    then i was shocked…
    This is my experience, its up to you to believe it
    Some people have telepathy since they were born and some people have it after meditation
    but not everyone who meditate have telepathy it depends
    what i wanna say is
    there are still many things that science can’t prove yet
    and stuffs that we can see doesn’t mean they don’t exist

  3. Yes it does, and you have already experienced it.
    Think about the last time you had a verbal argument with someone. When first separated, do you remember having carried on that very argument in your mind? Well, what was happening is that you were still arguing with that other person, but it was occurring telepathically. One might think that we argue with ourselves, but that would be incorrect. Know that most of our thoughts are not are own, and come to us telepathically, from others.
    Telepathy is easily proven to the individual willing to attempt it.


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