Sunday, September 26, 2021

Does telepathy move faster that light?


  1. Telepathy has not been prooved. So it has not yet been measured.
    But if premonition counts, then maybe it does travel faster since we see the future in advance.

  2. I think that telepathy means instantaneous changing of your position in space. So it is not a movement, you don’t exist in between and it is difficult here speak about speed.

  3. If two brains could communicate by “telepathy” it would be electrical in nature, so it would *be* light (and therefore travel at the speed of light).
    P.S. No one ever claiming to have telepathy has ever been able to demonstrate it in a controled environment…in other words no one can really do it.

  4. No. Einstein proved in special relativity that even thought couldn’t move faster than light. Unless, of course, you want to believe quantum mechanics. Then I would postulate that telepathy is a kind of quantum entanglement, then it would be instantaneous. Those kinds of problems are what makes me want to go ahead an get into M-theory.

  5. 1) There is no telepathy. Anybody claiming telepathic abilities can go and retire right now the One Million Dollar prize at the James Randi Foundation.
    2) Anyway, the speed of light is the upper limit for any signal carrying information.


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