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does telepathy happen between two persons practicing transcendental meditation who never met together.?

does telepathy exist and persons who never met together can communicate by telepathy when they meditate?


  1. Telepathy as a parapsychological occurence cannot be proven. But it also cant be ruled out.
    But it is proven that the brainwaves of people who sit in the same room, maybe even next to each other, adjust to each other, meaning that after a while they would look the same. That is said to be one of the conditions that facilitates telepathy. In how far meditation helps, I cant say.

  2. yes and no, all people communicate on a telepathic level, we just block this out however. we have yet to learn to quiet our own internal chatter let alone tune in to that of another on any real clear level..

  3. Telepathy is a funny thing. There aren’t a lot of rules as yet. It works a lot better between some people than others. I’ve experimented with very good results when working with other like-minded magickal practitioners. I have heard of connections with seemingly random strangers, but this is usually interpreted as a karmic connection from before this lifetime, and as such may or may not be meant to be a part of this lifetime. But there’s no harm in saying hi to an old friend.

  4. If you’ve never met this person and have no idea who they are it’s probably your imagination. Telepathic work requires that you focus in on someone, as far as my experience goes. Otherwise it’s just random images from your conscious mind. An alternative is that you are in a receptive state and may be channelling something (spirit, person, whatever). Channelling as oppose to telepathy is not a recommended thing to do because you’ll eventually give up control of your conscious mind to the entity.

  5. “Mental Telepathy” as it is usually referred to has nothing to do with The Transcendental Meditation Technique (TM.org). It is true that when you practice TM regularly you are increasingly connected to the Unified Field and the universe as a whole. In addition to being more connected you are having a very positive, life-supporting effect on everything in your near and far environment.
    It only takes 1 percent of a population practicing TM to have a concretely positive effect on the population of a given city, state or country. Statistically ,crime rates decrease, car accidents decrease, hospital admissions decrease (indicating better health) and creativity increases as seen statistically by applications for patents increasing. If you practice the TM-sidhi program it only requires the square-root of one percent of the population (MUM.edu)


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