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Does telepathy, astral projection, and telekinesis actually exist?

Many people across the web state that telepathy and TK (telekinesis) actually exist. Most of them swear by certain methods of tapping into these powers. Many of these methods include anything from tapping into a variety of chakra around your body (much like the chakra told of in numerous ancient texts) to simply relaxing, and imagining the results and allowing your mind to produce them. I have attempted many of these methods countless times to either prove or disprove them. I have had no success to date. I am, myself, a philosopher. I study existent philosophies and question numerous things for myself, developing new ideas. What I came to question about telepathy, AP, and TK is the reality of these things. For many of the methods involving TK, you must close your eyes to achieve results. This would require another person to verify results. I have done this technique with another, and with no success. This method which is basically laid
out as “Close your eyes, relax, feel the energy pulsing through you, and IMAGINE yourself moving this object.” I capped IMAGINE because, well, simply put, wouldn’t that make TK an imaginative action, with results of which only appear in the mind within one’s own imagination? All methods of telepathy are basically the same as with TK, just sending messages instead of moving objects. Oh, and by the way, most objects that methods have you move are simple objects such as a toothpick on water, or the flame on a candle. Both move with the wind. If they move, then, chances are, they are moving due to a draft within the room. Anyways, on to Astral Projection, otherwise known as an induced Out of Body Experience, or OBE. To induce an OBE, one must be completely relaxed. Then one must close his/her eyes and imagine (by the most common method) that one’s spiritual body, which is normally grey in color, is floating above oneself. Then, (going to the abreviated version), one is free to roam about the world, basically as a ghost. BUT, if one roams about with his/her eyes closed, isn’t that person only simply imagining the world they are exploring? PLEASE, I would LOVE to have some Serious input on this. Thanks in advance to all replies.


  1. In science, when you conduct an experiment, you have to be open minded to the fact that the results could point in either direction. Its hard to invest money and time into a subject only to be proven wrong by your own experiments. However, it would be pointless to spend more time and money fighting the facts.
    When you conducted your experiments on these methods, your results were obviously pointing to the fact that Telepathy, TK, and OBE are not real.
    You will find lots of magical thinkers who will argue that they are real, however, all the magical thinking in the world will not change facts. Just like you can’t wish gravity away, you can’t with TK into existance.
    To date, no one has been able to demonstrate any of these abilities in a controlled and observable setting. Since these abilities should be the easiest to demonstrate, this fact would indicate that these abilities don’t exist.

  2. I’m afraid not. Despite all the blather and boasting. I can’t find one person who can do it. At least with anyone watching.

  3. Do you believe in that old television called Bewitched and that in the olden days that witches flew around on broom sticks?
    I only wish.

  4. Some philosophers who relate to both areas of interest:
    Plotinus, who developed out-of-body awareness;
    Husserl, who developed awareness of Pure Ego.
    Bergson, re intution.
    PK/TK is generally proven at the quantum level, e.g. http://www.tiller.org
    “Psychoenergetic Science,” Tiller;
    “Mindful Universe,” Stapp;
    “God Is not Dead,” Goswami;
    “The Path of the Higher Self,” Mark Prophet;
    “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, Free and Wilcock;
    “Extraordinary Knowing,” Elizabeth Mayer
    A more unusual form of PK is described in Jeffrey Mishlove’s “PK Man,” and in Paul Dong’s “China’s Super Psychics.”
    As to OBE, the point of reducing 5-sense data is to loosen or permit the soulfield awareness to move from its physicality to other levels. There is a spiritual kind of sight. “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Kharitidi,
    “Watch Your Dreams,” Colton, and “Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures,” Aivanhov, are worthwhile.
    Some sites: http://www.ehe.org
    You probably know of Kant’s vacillation re Swedenborg; Kant concluded that Swedenborg’s far-seeing was real, but unscientific, and therefore not of interest to most scientists, who would be asked to do more than simply stay in lower beta wave mentation, but also have to undergo the purification of sense and self if they were to be able to under-stand.
    Wittgenstein’s note re philosophy as being above or underneath science applies as well to psi.

  5. some people belive the stereotypical image of the “witch on a broom stick” flying thru the night sky actually comes from the ancient belief that “witches” could leave their bodies at will at night and travel astrally, others belive its rooted to the celebration of Imbolc, the broom , or ‘besom’ used to “sweep” winter away.

  6. If you read Ingo Swann’s book you will discover that he felt all human beings intrinsically are capable of learning to do many of these talents.
    But! One needs motivation, drive and consistency. Just like in any other sport or talent. It is rare when one just up and is born with all their esp skills totally functioning perfectly.
    So, yeah, like many things in the world… people want to believe, but not do. Ever have read to you the story of the “Little Red Hen”? ESP talent is a bit like that. Many want to claim they have or want it.
    But few will make the effort to consistently work on themselves or try. Life’s priorities do not always allow for the time much less the consistency
    First, please check out the following “real” scientific research completed by real scientists utilizing real data. Then go back and correct any errors in thinking you may have found. Best Wishes.
    Dr. William Braud
    Dr. Helmut Schmidt
    Dr. Harold Puthoff
    Dr. R. Targ
    Dr. Tart
    Dr. C. Honorton
    These are just a few of the American Scientists who have published numerous volumes of data on the subject.
    Then, read up on valid “talents” like:
    Ingo Swann
    Paul H. Smith & the “scangate project” people [government project]
    Others to numerous to mention


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