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Does Tantra work?

Does Tantra work if done on people living in far-off places?


  1. tantra is a practice. you could do it by yourself but i’m not sure you could do it to people far away. tantra works fabulously in my experience, but maybe you’re talking about something else. tantra is a part of buddhist religion. it probably works a lot like prayer when used at a distance.

  2. It is the **connection** that matters, do you **recognize** the connection. are you **connected ?** and ***how***.
    easy to get connected when someone is near and you can touch and feel, and difficult as distance increases, and all this applied to mortals, in the clutches of Maya. people on the spiritual path remain in a different state of connection matrix and different feel of space and time.
    🙂 … btw i felt a negative vibration here, why ? though i do not know, i dint like answering this question, but i am , because may be i had to.
    because it could have not been any other way, if not this way.
    — Deito
    Harirnama Harirnama Harirnama Kevalam.


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