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Does Tai Chi give out different color belts just like for other martial arts?


    • “Tai Chi is the slow movements exercises. why would they give belts for for something that is supposed to be calming?” No, it is a Chinese Martial Art or Kung Fu, if you practice Tai Chi and is claiming to be a “Master” then he/she is just pretending to be a master.

  1. Some Tai Chi schools do. They have moderized to make money. But first there were sashes. Only 2 colors. A white sash for beginners and intermediate practioners, a black sash tied on the side for a person who has mastered his basics and is studying higher moves, forms and such then the black sash tied in the middle for the master/teacher. But before sashes the schools had none. The Master knew his students and they knew him and he knew where they were in their progression. Now for the people who think Tai Chi is just an excersize, it is not true. Although done slowly the Tai Chi Long form is one of the most deadly Katas out their. It maps out almost every DIM MAK point on the human body.

  2. No Gung Fu style uses colored belts or sashes. This is because most Gung Fu styles were created before the Tang Dynasty, and they never adapted the fashion of that particular dynasty, where the colored belt tradition comes from.
    This goes for Taiji, or any other Chinese style.

    • The colored belt system comes from Jigaro Kano, the Judo master, who based the colors of the belts on a system already in place — swimming lessons for children.
      Perhaps sashes have a different history of which I am unaware.

  3. some do but most dont. generally one which doesnt give belts is better because one with belts is trying to get more money from you.
    not always true but most of the time.

  4. I don’t take Tai Chi, but at my dojo , there is also a Tai Chi instructor..she has 4 sashes; yellow, red, blue, black. I don’t know if that’s the way for all Tai Chi schools.


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