Does Steven Hawking have a British accent?

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No but his computer does.

Nutsters Space Cadet

his computer speaks with a US drone.
they haven’t perfected a true brit accent.


Thanks for the points!

Kyle C

His accent is more of a Robotanese dialect, I think.

Miss Behavin

I'[-m s-o-r-r y b-u-t i r- e – a – l -ly d-o-n-t k n o w


if old flid boy is so clever.. why that mong voice?


He did when he was capable of talking. I guess you could say he still does.


No, his computer kind of does!

Kimmy Monster=)

Yes he’s British =)

Alex Joe

He’s British, so, yes he does.


why u bother with the accent while he cant talk.only manoevers from his finger over key board of a fitted computer with his specialized wheel chair transformes them into a type of atypical sound to express him


Of course he does he was not always like he is now he is a true englishman only his computer has the American Accent
bwt whats with all the questions you are putting up about this amazing man ??????


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