Home Discussion Forum does someone have an answer for my "Telepathy" question?

does someone have an answer for my "Telepathy" question?

all my life, i’ve known that i had a sixth sense, i didn’t know what the feeling that i get is, but now that i’ve searched online, i knew it’s telepathy. i get a feeling or a thought on my mind, and then i see it coming true. what’s really worrying me these days that it’s happening VERY often now, it’s really scaring me. i saw my friend’s car one day as i was passing by her house, and i thought what if i see her now and says she wants me to bake her another plate of my cookies, after 15 minutes she calls and says “everyone loved your cookies, you think you can bake me some more please?” it freaked me out. my husband promised to not smoke again, he stopped for a week, but he smoked one lastnight, i didn’t smell it or anything, but a thought came to my mind and i asked “are you smoking again?” he was shocked and so was i for a fact. what’s going on here? i have had this feeling for long, but now it’s much stronger. why do some people have this and others don’t?


  1. So far I’m not hearing anything special. I’ve learned that you bake really, really good cookies that people are bound to want more of. Then you smelled a very slight trace of smoke subconsciously or noticed him acting guilty. So far you are intuitive. That means you take a lot of little details and assemble them in the back of your mind in a logical way and come up with intelligent, educated guesses. That’s not telepathy.

  2. For the same reason that some people are great writers and others are great performers, every one has their own talent, or gift. Keep researching on ways you can enhance your skills, and really start to test yourself. Do not ignore the feelings, and I am not sure how religious you are, but pray about it. also if you have not heard about her yet, search for information about Sylvia Browne, *awsome* phsycic, I love all of her books and watch ever wednesday program of her on the montel show.

  3. This is kind of a redudant question. If you have enough ‘experiences’ to convince you that you have this ability, then the yay’s or nay’s of others will only be so effective.
    Why are some people more athletic than others? Why are some people ‘smarter’ than others? Why are some people more social than others?
    Most of our ‘strengths’ are actually traits that we have actively pursued, usually to the detriment of others. The more time one spends on a certain activity (developing those certain traits) the less time one is spending on a different activiting (developing those certain traits).
    The more one lifts weights, the stronger one’s arms get, but the weaker (or the same) one’s stamina gets. Likewise, the more a person runs, the more endurance they build, but at the expense of muscle expansion.


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