Home Discussion Forum Does someone else's negative energy affect you?

Does someone else's negative energy affect you?

From the minute I wake up it feels like I get hammered with someone else’s garbage! Sometimes I have to tell her to stop. It’s so negative just being around her feels draining!!!


  1. I know what you mean. I am training a couple of young students in a wildlife conservation and there’s one teenager that does nothing but complain, 24/7. Luckily, I have alot of patience!

  2. aww thats sad! 🙁 It really depends. somedays I wake up and my moms all smiley (can get creepy) and she makes me breakfast and its pretty chill. Other days she’s just like get the fuck out of here and go learn something. She’s just bipolar and spontanious like that. shes great… so it all depends

  3. Yes, Yes, Yes.. There are people that will suck the life out of other people. They drain you of energy and load you up with their negative energy. It’s important to prepare yourself when you know you will be in the presence of these types of people. Try to avoid these types. Try to choose friends that have a good Aura and have a generally happy disposition. They will re-enforce your energy. To learn more about this Read the Celestine Prophecies, you can find it in the Library, it’s a good source of information on this matter. Good Luck


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