does smoking weed give put u in a higher state of consciousness?

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no, you just don’t care about the things that would normally jam up the works.


Some people think they are in a higher state…..


no, actually getting high LOWERS your conscious abilities. reaction times delayed, sensory perception dulled, etc.


I used to believe it did til the government put the chip in my head. Now, I can’t stand the stuff..


no… just gets you high and messes up your lungs… and there’s new research out suggesting a link between smoking pot and developing schizophrenia later in life, as well as earlier brain scans that show heavy pot smokers are at high risk for developing anxiety disorders. So pot smokers can look forward to becoming schizo or relying on popping xanax for the rest of their lives to function. Just a thought…. been trying to get that through to my bf, wonder if it’ll get through to anyone else out there….


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