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Does smoking (tobacco) make your aura weak and permeable? What are ways to strengthen it – I have done chakra?

visualisation exercises and they are fruitless.


  1. I dont really believe in auras and stuff – But if I had one I think it would be a strong one – despite my excessive smoking etc

  2. the aura is a our bodys counterpart
    if the body is not healthy … parts of the aura will reflect that
    so the smoking will not help ( I should take my own advice here lol )
    visualisation is probably the best … but please give it time
    but there are other visualisations besides chakra ones….
    I do one that focuses on extending the aura outwardly into the world/universe
    write your own … it is fun and personal

  3. I agree, visualisation exercises are rubbish. Here’s a system that was initially an experiment for blind people – it operates directly at a sensation level (rather than watering everything down by unnecessarily translating into visual terms, which most people aren’t actually that good with). It’s pretty extraordinary.


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