Does smoking (tobacco) make your aura weak and permeable? What are ways to strengthen it – I have done chakra?

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visualisation exercises and they are fruitless.

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Woody Black

I dont really believe in auras and stuff – But if I had one I think it would be a strong one – despite my excessive smoking etc

Pangel - walking in your shoes

the aura is a our bodys counterpart
if the body is not healthy … parts of the aura will reflect that
so the smoking will not help ( I should take my own advice here lol )
visualisation is probably the best … but please give it time
but there are other visualisations besides chakra ones….
I do one that focuses on extending the aura outwardly into the world/universe
write your own … it is fun and personal

meeny mo

I’m not being cute but use the patch to quit then your aura will shine or strengthen your chakras or whatever.


don’t smoke regular tobacco its laced with chemicals and junk.
smoke pure organic tobaccos instead.

Tom I

I agree, visualisation exercises are rubbish. Here’s a system that was initially an experiment for blind people – it operates directly at a sensation level (rather than watering everything down by unnecessarily translating into visual terms, which most people aren’t actually that good with). It’s pretty extraordinary.

Sadhara Satguru

Smoking cigarettes should not affect your energies unless it is affecting your health or your mind.


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