Does science leave any room for spiritual views?

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By “spiritual”I mean more along the lines of “oneness”,or “cosmic consciousness”than any dogma type religion.Specifically,I think the ramifications of a documented and undisputed phenomena,”spooky interaction at a distance”are staggering.We can document it.It DOES occur.We have absolutely no explanation for this however.It seems to show that at some level,currently unknown to us,time and space are illusion,and objects across the universe are instantly connected.Any of you familiar with this phenomenon?thoughts?
science doesn’t support ignorance either.”spooky interaction at a distance”is well documented.Sorry you don’t keep up
am henchman:I’m far from scientifically illiterate.It’s not something I came up with.It’s well documented and not disputed.I didn’t say it proved any particular thing.I said it leaves possibilities
“Quit hiding in the Gaps, there is no magical spiritual energy hiding from us that we haven’t discovered.”
Please,have a clue,just a small one would suffice,of the science I speak of,that you are apparently unaware of,and my “hiding”I’m an educated atheist.You are an embarrassment
what conclusion did I jump to?Or is it you that jumped?look it up.NO ONE DENIES THIS PHENOMENA
AM=atheist fundy now.How disappointing.some of the answers,man,that’s sad.No clue,none whatsoever.but so afraid even to admit there are mysteries.just as sad as the fundy answers

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Super Nintendo Chalmers

Sure, over there in the corner.
Science does not do or say anything that prohibits the supernatural. It doesn’t even attempt to do so. They are in entirely different realms.


No. Science doesn’t support stupid unfounded ideas.

Atheist Mafia (AM) Henchman

I’m gonna be blunt now. The theory of general relativity explains “spooky interactions at a distance.”
In other words, particles sometimes react to each other at distances which would require faster than light speed that is what is meant by “spooky interactions at a distance”
Einstein’s theory of General Relativity resolved this problem.
I’ve ran out of patience. I don’t like playing word games. This is not a phenomina.

River Dragon

I think so….of course at this point we really wouldn’t know where to start or even how to define it really.
I’m an atheist too, unfortunately some atheists forget that science is the study of everything in our physical universe, even things from the psychological perspective.
I love your avatar btw


You know who else supported unfounded ideas? Hitler.


“Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.” Albert Einstein

Melting Media EAC

Some universities, like UNLV, wasted time and money on this.
Gary Schwartz and Andrew Weill are currently peddling cosmic “science” at U. AZ. Schwartz is convinced he’ll find some one with esp or psychic abilities, but all he’s done is failed for years.

Acid Zebra, ask an a-the-ist.

“We can document it.It DOES occur.”
Um, one does not follow from the other. And while we have plenty of nutjob rants, controlled tests consistently turn out zero evidence.
Maybe you want it to be true.
“at some level,currently unknown to us,time and space are illusion”
this is not a strange view indeed (although I object to how you worded it, what with words like “spooky” and all), but how is this spiritual? You want to imply or deduce some deeper meaning to this, fine, but that is where documentation and evidence fails you.


I think you answered your own question, don’t you think?

Michel Verheughe

Of course, there are a lot of weird things that science can’t explain. I don’t know what you mean by “spooky interaction” but if you refer to the Quantum entanglement or the Double Slit Paradox then yes, science can look very spooky at time.
But it’s all in your definition of ‘spiritual views.’
I think no scientist (unless very narrow-minded) will reject the idea that the universe may be something very different than what we see. I don’t think that the idea of ‘oneness’ is in contradiction with science either. At least, it is not according to Quantum mechanics.
But the danger to take ‘spiritual’ ideas as facts is that it is easily used to turn our mind into weird believes. Look at Scientology. I am sure you understand what I mean.
Worth watching:


To put you right, science does not support “spooky action at a distance”.
In fact, all experiments performed to date leave the speed of light limit in tact (in other words, there is no instantaneous action at a distance).
What the experiments do do is highlight the difficulty in interpreting superposed wave states in quantum mechanics. When such states leave particles entangled (ie the state of one particles depends on that of another, but the state of neither is known a priori), som surprising results are seen if viewed classically. But we have known for over a century now that we do not live in a classical world – we live in a quantum one.
This is not spooky, nor is it mystical.

Richard F

All of creation (made manifest by science) screams of the creator God.
I stare at the stars and see God’s glory. An atheist stares at the stars and sees the remnants of the big bang.

Granny Annie

Why not ask Teilhard du Chardin or Gregor Mendel or Thomas Merton? All were accredited scientists. All were esteemed by their scientific peers. All made major scientific advances. All were men in religious orders who remained faithful to God and His Chrurch.


Science is just the study of knowledge or truth and it leaves room for whatever can be found or observed. So if there is a truly a spiritual dimension to life, science has room for it.
That doesn’t wash with a lot of scientists though. It takes a pretty special person to put aside their own preconceived opinions and see something they believe is impossible.
Dogma type religion is just degraded religion. Most religions are a little more observant in their beginning phases. They nearly all come up with the observation that man’s nature exceeds certain physical limitations. For example, in this day and age, if we really thought about it, we would see clearly that thought could not possibly occur as fast as it does if it depended upon electricity or chemical reactions as our leading “scientists” proclaim.
I agree with you that matter, space and time are mental phenomena. I believe that they exist because we agree they exist. When someone comes in disagreeing with us and saying something different, we lock him up in a nut-house. That’s to protect our view of the universe.


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There is no conradiction in science and religion. If religion has the Word of God to explain things, science is the Work of God. If there is seemingly a contradiction that is because the humans reading the Word have not understood it correctly or people believing in science are contemplationg on theories which need improvement to make a fact of science.
The spiritual views expressed in the Word of GodAllahYHWH have therefore room to be truthful if understood correctly. Revelation or Word of God expresses spiritual aspects of a thing and is a truthful and valid source of knowledge as is science; both have utilities for the human beings to benefit from. We cannot deny one for the other. A man walks with two legs, with just one leg one would be lame; and difficult to walk around conveniently.
I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Ralph J

“Science without religion is limp. Religion without science is blind”


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