Does science deny astrology altogether or is there any scientific ground to believe in it?

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Joe C

Any person with an ounce of sense “denies” it (properly disbelieves in this garbage) and you don’t have to be a scientist.

vivo en un arbol

science will deny everything that’s not labeled as ‘science’ yet.


Astrology is based on “science” as it was 5000 years ago … flat earth, universe revolving around the earth, stars in a two dimesional mantle stretched around the earth, we now know all these things to be untrue in fact some of the stars in constellations maybe further away from each other in “depth” than they are from stars in other constellations ….it is also a perception thing, the stars only look THAT way from this tiny spec of dust that we travel around the sun on, the constellations would be impercievable from other planets unless you believe that the whole universe was designed just for the benefit of the tiny collection of life on this planet, then yes just as we now know there is no god of thunder then we now know the stars a just balls of burning gas dotted around a seemingly infinite universe and that in itself should be something to marvrel at…without having to invent marvels about it.

maddy h

it’s your own choice, but personally, i choose to believe both in that science is the mere examination of the groundwork set by astrology.

King Richard

Science denies many things, and sadly disputes paranormal phenomena such as clairvoyance, psychic abilities, Spiritual healing, telepathy, tarot and Astrology.
There are unfortunately people who go through this entire lifetime disputing such claims feel that just because it seems implausible is most definitely is.
What many dont realise is that technical remote viewing/i.e. astral travel has been used by various Governments and that people who are employed within the military are used to observe subjects from far away.
(for those not skeptical enough check out the book “Psychic Warrior” by David Morehouse)
There will always be a fine line between those who know the truth and those who wish to close their eyes either out of fear or their religious beliefs.

Garrett B

Astrology is a pseudo-science that was believed in the past when all men were more naive. Some naive men still believe in it. It makes no sense at all scientifically.

John G

There is no scientific basis for astrology but there is much psychology in the attempts to discriminate between differing personality traits among humans. Most folk today accept it as a bit of fun.


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