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Does reincarnation exist?

If you think it does, how do you think it works? If not, what is happening when someone recalls a past life in hypnotic regression?


  1. I believe it does, as a Pagan. You die, go to Summerland/Other Realms, and then move on to the next life, and eventually join The All/The Great Spirit.
    Christians believe it exists only for Jesus. They think everything else is mental insanity.
    Atheists think it’s all mental insanity.
    – 16 yo Pagan

  2. I believe in it. You keep going through life until you get the punch line. I don’t necessarily believe in hypnotic regression though.

  3. It does if you believe it. No one can say it for sure, because not most people die and come back to life to tell everyone what they experienced =D But I believe in Heaven & Hell and in Reincarnation, if that’s possible. I just think of it as, what happens once you die? You have to be something, or have something done to you!

  4. No it does not exist. You have one shot at life so make it count. Find Jesus right away if you want to go to a wonderful place when you pass on.

  5. I do not believe reincarnation exists; I think what is happening is that an idea or “memory” is being imposed upon a person under hypnosis. Hypnosis is quite powerful. People will do anything under hypnosis, even have ideas and memories planted in their minds.

  6. “If not, what is happening when someone recalls a past life in hypnotic regression?”
    They’re going mental.
    Okay, sorry. I do not believe in reincarnation, just as I don’t believe in God and spirits and heaven and hell and whatever. As for someone recalling a past life … honestly I think it’s interesting, but seriously? They’re mental.
    I don’t care what evidence you have to back it up that reincarnation exists. To me, they’re crazy, because I think that we all decay in the dirt after we die. A nice peacful life, and chances to catch up on lost sleep. 😀

  7. If reincarnation were true, wouldn’t the population numbers stay the same? and I have no idea where the past life recalls come from. I’ve heard theories but none of them sounded feasible

  8. i dont really know .. but some religions think that everytime someone dies, their soul goes into a newborn baby… but they know nothing about their pastlife..

  9. I think it does exist. It has too! I mean, like you said, how could people recall past lives if there was no such thing? Basically, reincarnation is the cycle of being born, going through life, dying, being born, etc.In a way, reincarnation confirms the existence of a soul, because when the body dies, what’s left, right? When it comes to remembering past lives, I think we can’t remember them because we’re not supposed to. Because if we knew what we had done in past lives, we would be horrified at some of the acts we had committed. And since everyone is learning, they bring those life lessons learned with them into their next life.

  10. A hypnotist is condemned in the OT. You can ‘remember’ ANYTHING while in the hypnotic state. What do the dead know? Ecc 9:5.

  11. No, it doesn’t.
    As for hypnotic regression, it can be faked. There are not many reputable specialists in the field of hypnotic regression. The few that are real would tell you that they’ve never observed a case where someone has recalled a past life.

  12. The Bible Says “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment” Hebrew 9:27. SO standing on that NO

  13. I have no idea but I think that past life regression is a scam, rather like seances are. Why is it with past life regression there seem to be dozens of Napoleons or Cleopatras? Doesn’t lend credence to past life regression at all.

  14. Reincarnation is not truth, but there is a deception taking place. Resurrection is the truth. But who is the deceiver and what is the gain for this deception? Seek and you shall find out. Evil is real and supernatural beings are able to deceive and influence. If what I say is true, could you detect it? I say yes, but what do you say? Can you uncover a tricky evil spirit who fakes or influences the falsification of a reincarnation?

  15. i believe in reincarnation. the way i understand it is that when you make mistakes in your life they are carried over to the next life and you must learn from them. once you have learned all your lessons then you don’t have to come back.

  16. There is evidence of [reincarnation] in Jewish thought, apart from Kabbalah, which dates to the time of Rome. According to the Antiquity of the Jews, Book 18, Chapter 1, Number 3, “[The Pharisees] believed that souls have immortal vigor in them [and that the virtuous] shall have power to revive and live again….” (Head, Cranston, Reincarnation, p.26).
    The bracketed statements are not necessarily in the original statement, and may be implied understanding of the editors of the text. If you drop the bracketed statements the statement reads something more general: “A sect of Jews from Antiquity, believed that souls have immortal vigor in them, and shall have power to revive and live again….”
    This is Jewish understanding from the same era as Jesus Christ (Y’shua). According to Philo Judoeus (20 B.C.E to 54 C.E.), “The air is full of souls; those nearest to earth descending to tied to mortal bodies return to other bodies, desiring to live in them.” Flavius Joshep (37 – 100 C.E.), Jewish historian, addressing Jewish troops during the final days of Israeli existence under Rome, says, “Do you not remember that all pure Spirits when they depart out of this life obtain a most holy place in heaven, from whence, in the revelation of ages, they are again sent into pure bodies” (Head, Cranston, Reincarnation, p. 27).
    The Zohar, the Book of Splendor, says, “The souls must reenter the absolute substance whence they have emerged. But to accomplish this end they must develop all perfections, the germ of which is planted in them; and if they have not fulfilled this condition during one life, they must commence another, a third, and so forth, until they acquire the condition which fits them for reunion with God” (Head, Cranston, Reincarnation, p. 29).

  17. I think it does exist. when you have completed 1 life you start another but it is complicated to explain bcuz some people have told me if you have unfinished business you come back to resolve it or if you did something bad in the next life it happens to you but all that I don’t about

  18. .
    I can’t really say I believe in it or not, but it would explain how a child can sit at a piano and play like Mozart or Bach, or where all the child geniuses get their abilities when the parents are not gifted themselves.
    And like you said, how do you explain some of the things people know about in an hypnotic state.

  19. Reincarnation does not exist. When you die your soul goes to heaven(or hell). As for recalling past lives under hypnosis I believe that is just an over active imagination.

  20. there’s a guy out ther called Eckancar or something & he has all kinds of books on the belief. & ther something about becomin a grand master or something. but what ever the guy seen in my last life, I feel their ponishing me for it,

  21. Yes, Jesus did 3 times, It’s in the Bible. And if you ever notice someone who is cross eyed, then he was hung in his past life. When a person is hung by the neck, it makes the eye’s cross or to the side. But that’s just from my studies.

  22. You know that we all search for answers…and I am positive that it exists as surely as heaven and hell exist. An interesting read for you would be, ‘In Search Of Bridey Murphy’ about a past life that is recalled..a 19th century Irishman. It is available on Amazon.com. The book certainly piqued my curiosity about reincarnation…but then again, like my grandfather used to say, “Paper lies still; you can put anything on it.” And you know something else? That keyboard lies still too.

  23. Well, if that cockroach I just stepped on is related to anybody in a past life, I truly apologize. According to eastern religion, or myth if you like, you keep having to get on the wheel of life in order to get it right. You screw up, you come back as something less. You really screw up, you could come back as a bug (my cockroach reference). The idea behind it is if you have fully learned what life is “supposed” to teach you, you can get off the wheel and you don’t have to be reincarnated again. Those Eastern mystics might have something there. Or as Bob Dylan said once,
    “And here I sit so patiently
    Waiting to find out what price
    You have to pay to get out of
    Going through all these things twice.”
    As for hypnotic regression, I don’t see that as any different from a weird dream your brain cooked up – doesn’t mean it actually had to have happened for your brain to conceive of it.

  24. Yes. We all return as mulch.
    Otherwise… no.
    As for when someone recalls something under hypnosis: We are capable of great creativity, even to the point we fool ourselves. It is easy to create a false memory – just try it!
    Imagine something happening yesterday that didn’t happen. Run through it over and over, recreating what you saw mentally. Do this enough times and eventually it will seem like an actual memory.
    There is no coming back, no heaven, no Jesus, no second chances – but if any of that makes you feel better about things, you go for it.

  25. Yes I have some memories of past lives myself and I have been able to verify some details as being historically correct and not anything I could have learned in this life. Even as a young child I was able to paint in impressionistic and other “modern” art styles of paintings way beyond my age level. Once when seeking an answer to a reoccurring health problem. I saw my death as a young soldier People who were into military history were able to identify the war and the military unit ( Dutch Zoaves) from my description of the uniform.
    We choose to reincarnate according to what purpose we want to accomplish and lessons we wish to learn. There are many beings who do not usually take on physical reincarnation so that there are always available spirits We may also reincarnate in other forms, dimensions and places

  26. My own thoughts about reincarnation are this:
    We are all Spirit Children of God, and as such we lived with Him in Heaven before we came to this earth to get the gift of a Physical body…when we come to earth we lose our memories of things that we did in Heaven (a temporary condition until we go back)…
    While we were in Heaven we could observe things taking place on earth…
    Some of us probably had favorites to watch because they were friends in Heaven before the other person went to earth to get a body…
    Many of us probably watched popular figures in history like Kings, Queens, Great leaders, Notorious Criminals, etc…
    I believe that sometimes we get “leaks” of memories from when we were in Heaven (probably as intended to let us realize what is true and what is not true)… and some of these leaks occur when we witness or hear of something that we observed on earth while we were in Heaven… like when reading a history book on say.. Napoleon.. or someone famous…
    To me, this explains why so many people think they were famous people like Napoleon.. or some King.. etc…
    One final thought on it… WHY would we reincarnate? WHY would we need more than ONE body for the resurrection?…
    I don’t believe we are reincarnated, because I DO believe that we will be resurrected and we don’t need more than one body… it is a gift from God… one per person.

  27. I believe it does but there are times it is dangerous to go into regression just to find it. If you are not ready, your mind can be just working to create what you think is okay but not real.
    The helpful hint but not foolproof would be trying to study deeper about where you are in your life right now, what things around you fascinates you most, where do you think you would be happiest to be, which part of world’s past history are you most interested to learn.
    However if I were you, I will try to live and enjoy every moment of my life now. Living in a moment oftentimes prepare you to a basically strong foundation in life for the future and sometimes help you to stumble to finding what was it that you left behind in your past life. Knowing your past sometimes or even oftentimes will just you put to a stand still and that will just make you see the future blindly.

  28. If we speak of reincarnation of souls in new human beings mathematics say it is not possible. Imagine the humans, from the origins to present days. The number of their souls summed up through the centuries would not be sufficient to justify the 6 billions we are today. A make-up of fresh souls was absolutely necessary. How can we justify the disparity in treatment between recycled individuals and brand new ones? If we speak of reincarnation in different type of animals, mathematics may approve it, but justice not. A Indian cow would have a much more pleasant life than a Texan one. Conclusion: reincarnation does not exist.


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