Does reiki really work ?

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I`m thinking about starting to learn as i`m very interested in how the mind can heal itself and the body. Just wondered if anyone uses it or has been healed by it. What are your experiences?

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Nice with cola.


yes and it makes you feel very good


yes i believe it does. I’m selling a dvd about it on ebay. go have a look.


I’m from India and I’ve practiced it myself and I say its magic especially for sores and all coz the heat that you transmit is like a medicine. Good for internal pain. The person who I learnt it from even fixed my phone!!!!!(with reiki) I dunno…I think that was luck or something but its really worth it


I think so, it helped me through a very difficult time. Its a very postive experence, give it a try, I am glad I did.


The principle is the same as “faith healing.” Its mind-over-body control. If you think that you feel better, then you will. This type of “healing” can be dangerous as it can lead people to believe that they are well when they require medical attention.
When used as supplemental treatment in addition to a scientific medical regimen, reiki can speed healing by allowing patients easier rest and relief of stress thus, a shorter recovery time. However it should never be used in place of a doctor’s treatment.

mary m

go learn this fantastic therapy..u will feel the benefits immediately..

charlotte s

Reiki – meaning ‘Universal life force energy’
I can only say that yes it has worked for me, but everybody reacts differently when having a Reiki treatment. I’ve received Reiki from fellow therapists and am also attuned to it so I can self heal if I need to. If you want to learn more about it then you will need to find a Reiki Master who can attune you in all three levels of Reiki. In Level 1 Reiki you will learn how to self heal and do Reiki on friends and family. In Level 2 you will learn how to practice on the public and give distant healing and in Level 3 Masters you can then share this with others by attuning them to Reiki. You do not have to do all three levels – though the choice is yours.


Yes it really does work. I was very down, depressed and kept crying. After the healing I felt calm and relaxed and I didn’t cry for the whole day. Its hard to explain how you feel, but it really does work!


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