Home Discussion Forum Does raining help induce astral travel?

Does raining help induce astral travel?

I wonder if humidity or raining have any relation with astral travel… Does the water in the air help induce the “separation”? Some of you may not understand what it means, but I’m sure those who have knowledge on this subject would know what i’m saying! If ur answer is affirmative, please kindly explain why! Thanks!!!


  1. thats an interesting question.
    first thing… you will have trouble getting answers on this question because people who get their knowledge from TV will tell you that there is no such thing.
    i do know that water conducts electricity.
    thats why you only get lightning storms when the air is humid.
    the lowered resistance allows electron potential built up in the clouds discharge back to earth.
    i’m pretty sure astral body is non-physical though? unless… hmmm no maybe not
    kirlian photography clearly shows an electrical field surrounding the body….
    i think we need to better define astral travel… is it the same as lucid dreaming?
    i have experienced coming back into body as a loud cracking sound which usually gives me a big fright. but i am yet to experience astral travel in a lucid state.
    another way to look would be the sound of rain when you are sleeping will keep you half awake so you will be more lucid than normal.
    the moon could definately have an effect i think

  2. I’d say it’s the other way round if anything – out of hundreds of experiences, I can barely remember any that took place in rain. I am predominantly an astral rather than etheric traveller though, so I could just have been hanging out in the wrong places… I have noticed snow particles being drawn towards my astral body so there may be some subtle interaction or other going on, but I haven’t made any attempt to research it.


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