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Does psychiatry ever consider that bipolar symptoms are simply spiritual and not chemical

there has never been a genetically prediposed chemical imbalance that causes deprssion or acute mania. it has never been proven in any way whatsoever nor is there any evidence that bipolar symtoms are genetically handed down, it’s all BS
Mst people have family memebers with diagnsosed or non-diagnosed mood phenomenas and if they don’t the shrink will just say well it’s not completley genetic OR the gene or genes is/are dormant and needs certain enviromental factors to emerge
in other cultures shamans, mystics, sages all go through these spiritual type emergencys and have very bi-polar type symptoms as thier ego is thrown about
is bi-polar really spiritual emergence of souls that are too bright to be confined to this phony egoic culture?
what potion of modern western psychiatry even is open to the possibility of spiritual awarness or enlightment,,is that just hokus pokus to them?


  1. Psychiatry and psychiatrists surely consider that possibility but that theory fails when a number of medications especially the mood stabilisers like lithium start working and bring back the chemical neurotransmitters to their original levels. The possibility that these illnesses had a spiritual basis were considered for many millenia and that was the era when malaria, tuberculosis and cancer all had a spiritual basis.

  2. Sometimes I believe psychiatrists just won’t know/understand people with BPD because they study what they are told about psychiatry and how to treat it with medications. I believe therapists do help to a certain point yet maybe this is something spiritual, a god given talent maybe which the lord does not want us to fully understand ourselves. I believe that God has a purpose for us and just like heroes, we are not suppost to seek acknowledgement for this. Even heroes get confused or won’t admit their conditions because they fall into the belief that it is “crazy talk”. I even have a problem in which I can’t even explain myself anymore and people think it is jibberish sometimes. This can make me even more depressed sometimes.

  3. All mental illness can be genetic, or they may not be at all. I know someone who is schizophrenic and has no family history of this at all. Most mental illnesses are still a mystery as to there cause, but I would not call it BS. I use to think that until it happened in my family. Many theories have been tested, but nothing has been proven or disproved yet. I do know that you can NOT just make it go away by prayer, or going to some sort of herbalist doctor, or any other type of natural healing scorce.I’m just glad that they do have medication for all mental illnesses, and they work.

  4. I don’t think it’s a fair question simply because from the start psychiatry assumes our body it’s a machine that functions in deterministic environment, and only based on that assumption it can understand and heal afflictions. Simply put, these so called peripheral phenomenas are not within psychiatry’s method, and no true psychiatrist would touch it. I’m posting a video for you, Jeffrey Satinover MD explains this much better then I can: http://files.kabbalahmedia.info/video/eng_CongressAviv2005_SihaImSatinover_27-04-05.wmv

  5. psychiatry doesn’t do much investigation of bipolar at all – they don’t even try to eliminate possible causes of mood swings. the person has mood swings – so they diagnose them as bipolar and tell them to take pills their whole life.
    there are so many causes of mood swings that it’s completely insane and they’re just trying to sell pills.

  6. @art_flood I used to have severe mood swings but thats because i’ve temperol lobe epilepsy, and hormones don’t help with epilepsy. i agree there are so many factors for severe mood swings, or mood swings like u said. Dr biederman came up with bi-polar, he were lying about the amount of money he recieved from drug companies. A figure of something like $1.6 million dollars for prescribing drugs for children. Experimenting on people, corruption it is.

  7. It may be, although I do not fully believe. It is the same as to say Gifted, Autism/Asperger’s or ADD/ADHD are equal to the Indigo or Crystal children.
    I have very Bi-polar-like symptoms, although I have also had risen Kundalini, deal with spiritual transformation, but I also believe that my neurotransmitters are not working right, because whatever I do the symptoms return after some time. In much lesser extent, but they do. So I’m gonna get to the shrink to get evaluated for mood stabilizers.
    I also have Asperger syndrome. So many tried to tell me that I am just an Indigo/Crystal child, or highly spiritual and have ego issues (almost no ego at all, so some negative ego forms when needed for defense after time of suffer in this world what can result in need for routine and other blahblahblah). Okay, I tried many spiritual treatments, my AS is much much better, but still IS there, did not disappear. That is unclear to me. I cleared karma and everything, do meditations, have contact with Creator all the time, and have very little spiritual issues yet inside me. So… I don’t really get it. Anyone can explain?


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