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Does prayer mean communicating with God or your subconscious mind which is connected to universal intelligence?

I think it was in the book “Think and Grow Rich” that I read that any thought or image held in the mind combined with feeling and emotion will be accepted by our subconscious mind which is connected to the Source/Infinite Spirit and will become a magnetic force literally attracting things into our life..Example- if someone sits and internalizes/meditates on the thought that “I will be sick” for 2 days straight,he will be sick..coz i have experienced that before..Once i was worried I would get sick for no reason and i was perfectly healthy,then i did fall sick….So when praying,do you make your requests known to God or subconscious mind?..Or is the subconscious mind the “God within” as said by Josephy Murphy in his book “The power of the subconscious mind ” in which he mentions countless stories of people getting healed of sicknesses and even experiencing financial breakthrough through the principle of auto-suggestion.


  1. praying is closing your eyes and brabelling nonsense. neither god nor “universal intelligence” exist. nobody gives a crap about what your are brabelling

  2. Might be. But it’s entirely unprovable.
    If there is a city of 1 million people, you will get 1 million different answers to this question.

  3. it is one way communication and if you are in a group only the group hears it doesn’t get very far away from the person making the prayer unless tv or some other means of broadcasting is used

  4. no actually prayer is a form of drug addiction. There are a number of studies which indicate that prayer,meditation, etc generate a sense of oneness with the universe etc. Upon further investigation it was found that this type of action stimulates the limbic system releasing the bodies natural opiates–the beta-endorphins.

  5. No definitely Not
    because if u tell ur self (ur subconscious mind) to do something, like to heal urself for example u’ll get healed. Whenever u determind ur subconscious mind to do anything that thing will be fulfilled
    BUT, when u pray to God, not all of ur prayers would be fulfilled and that’s a prove that God isn’t ur subconscious mind, but he exists inside ur heart and waiting for ur call to help u, and teach u the way of life

  6. Think about this when the bible was rittin there were 3 differnt laguages arab latin and hebrew, what does god mean in hebrew… mind (esentialy) so therfore god is your mind. And this tlking to ur sub connious mind and it will come ture, is fact because its called the law of attraction which if u don’t kno the specifics of the law then u should look it up online or better yet watch the movie ” the secret” it is a very inspiring documentry that changed my life and how I think.
    Btw every oneis god and we are all put on this earth by god which by hebrew deffinition means ourself


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