Home Discussion Forum Does peeing into a crystal ball reveal the future?

Does peeing into a crystal ball reveal the future?

I couldn’t stop at just one. Sorry, TT!


  1. Gazing into a crystal ball is a form of divination called scrying.
    Divination is not so much about attempting to “predict” you future as it is gaining answers to current life situations. These answers are already within you, in your subconscious mind – divination helps your conscious mind access your subconscious mind. While you may get some indication of near future events, this is because you already have an idea of where you’re headed at the time of the reading – but we make hundreds of decisions daily, even a small decision could alter the course of your life’s path and render any future reading you received the day before inaccurate.
    Oh geez, it wasn’t until after I answered the question that I noticed the missing “p”. Competing with Tragic Typos are ya?


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