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Does Past Life Regression Therapy work?

i dont know if i really believe in it, but i thought it’d be amusing to try it out anyways, see what crazy things my mind makes up 🙂


  1. No. It has no redeeming value as far as the medical and psychiatric community are concerned and worse, it could be dangerous to put yourself into the hands of people who will make up stories about supposed past lives and then demand money to exorcise them. I would stay far away if I were you.

  2. Not really, because we only have *one* life.
    Now, people can apparently come up with lots of good stuff once they try. It’s amazing that everyone was a famous person in a past life. Where are all of the lowly peasants? *Everyone* was Cleopatra?!?
    Seriously, if this is a serious question, please dont waste your time and money! Seek Christ, He is all you need for this life and the next, too.


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