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does our subconscious mind has such power to fulfil our wishes?

i have attended such seminar. trainer says that we can program our subconscious mind for future. then whatever we wish will happen. is this true? does someone has some experience?


  1. The mind is very powerful and the subconscious mind even more. However,I don’t think it works in a way that everything you wish happens,if what you wish requires other people’s actions,or things you can’t control. But it can certainly work to make you have a positive view in life,to change your behavior,and to make you happier with what you already have!

  2. I dont have any experience of such but…when you put in your mind and set it there and always think trhat it would happen, sooner or later….well i think thats what your trainer talked about, try to look for the books of Jaime Licauco and De veyra and Im sure they will help you answer your questions.

  3. I don’t believe it’s true. I think these self-help gurus who claim that “thinking will bring you everything you want” are just taking advantage of vulnerable minds.
    Thought is powerful – that I agree with. However, thoughts alone will not bring you what you want – your actions must coincide with those thoughts. If you want something, you have to get it set in your mind and pursue it – even if you fail several times, determination will keep you pushing through until you succeed.
    You can’t just constantly wish for something to happen – if that were true, I’d have published my own books by now through the power of magic, because I’ve wished for it since I was a kid.
    Wishes and thoughts only get you so far. Actions will take you the rest of the way.

  4. I believe we can do the first part that we can program or re-program our subcons, however the conclusion that ‘whatever we wish will happen’ is not true, esp the word ‘whatever’.
    Let’s see if our subcons can raise our ancestors who already passed away, even if we are wish and have strong will ….. (I guess the speaker just want to play God)
    BTW, our subcons play a great role in our life (+/- 80% to 90%), while the conscious mind hold 10% to 20%. So our subcons can shape our drive and attitude and actions! And this can really bring significant result, positive and negative as well. If the input negative, so the output and vice versa.

  5. no programing required, just look for the signs that will send you in the right direction. and be careful what you wish for


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