Does our Creator have an ego like we do?






Like human’s get angry if we pronounce their name wrong?
As Crazy like a Fox said so eloquently.
The ego at the material level is full of evil. False prides, like sexism, racism, nationalism, and religious intolernace. It is a
trick of the ego to make up for feelings of low self-esteem,
(self-love, self-worth, and self-respect).
The ego at the spiritual level is the desire for self-expression.
Which gives rise to creativity and invention.
Does our Creator get mad when we call Him by differnet names?
I think He knows who we are talking to. Don’t you?


  1. How in the world (or out of it) can a being have an ego, if that being IS the end-all, be-all? Makes no sense.
    If some jerk calls me a name, it is very easy for me to dismiss either that jerk, or that name (if it isn’t true). How much easier would it be for the “Creator” to dismiss the foibles and foolishness of humans?
    For me, your question seems to contradict itself.

  2. Though we are created in the image of God, God is not just like us. God is holy–his holiness is his “otherness.” There is no other God, and there is none like Him.
    God knows our thoughts and the motives behind our thoughts. He knows our motives, our dreams, our desires. If someone seeks to worship the One True God and chooses the wrong name, I am confident (after reading and studying the Bible) that God knows and responds to that person’s deepest desire.
    God will not be mocked, however, and will not tolerate the worship of any other god as a substitute for worshiping Him, and he knows the difference.

  3. How many do you think will call White Buffalo “wrong”? While
    they indulge in their EGOs, and get MAD, simply because he
    referred to the Creator as a HE?

  4. > Does our Creator have an ego like we do?
    Yes. We were created in God’s image, so God must be very much like us. Note in the Bible places where God is angry, or is jealous.
    > Like human’s get angry if we pronounce their name wrong?
    God didn’t want any pictures or statues or coins made of his likeness — “graven images.” Jews, out of respect, do not pronounce or spell His name.
    > Does our Creator get mad when we call Him by differnet names?
    The Old Testament circumlocutes and calles him “The Lord.”

  5. Well clearly, if he creates a species with the intention of running them through a competition where the only requirement to win is that you think he’s great.
    Lucky there wasn’t one, really.

  6. no He doesn’t. Because as long as u mean Him, why would it matter to him? I mean, as long as it wasnt an insult. Ego is a form of sin anyhow, so the creator wouldnt have it.

  7. He might know who you are talking to, but do YOU know who you are talking to? After all, there are many gods and many lords and God and Lord are mere titles, not names. What’s in a name? Do you know what your name means? My name means the grey tower. Do you mind when people call you by another name? Might they not be confusing you with someone else?
    God has taken the time and the trouble to reveal his name and his characteristics to us, and apart from being a holy and righteous God, he tells us that he is also a jealous God. Not the “green eyed” petty type of covetous jealousy, but the jealousy that gaurds and protects all that is pure, holy and righteous. Like his name, for example, which is unique. But can you be bothered to find out what it is? Do you care? That expression about horses and water springs to mind.
    Apart from doing God the courtesy of calling him by his proper name and giving it the honour and respect it deserves, I don’t think that I, as a mere mortal, would dare presume to know the mind of the creator and run the risk of confusing him with some other god. After all, God’s ways are not our ways and God’s mind is not like our minds. I think you will find God’s ways and God’s mind much loftier than ours.
    I suspect the real question you are asking is does it matter which God we worship or pray to because all religions lead to the same God. Well, if you care to check out what the creator has to say in his written communications with mankind you might discover that not all roads lead to the same destination and that the creator is somewhat particular about how we approach him.
    I’m not certain I go along with your suggetion that there is ego at a spiritual level which is the desire for self-expression. There is no room for ego when approaching God. What’s called for is humility and a seeking for God’s will, not our own. Anyway, an interesting question.

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