• Yes. When God created man, He put His Spirit in man when He breathed in his nostrils.

    We are separated from God because of sin, however He has to remain within us because without Him we have no life in our self. Job said that if God should remove His breath and His Spirit from us we would perish.

    Romans chapter one also touches on the subject.

  • We and all that exist have arisen from God, and God created all that exist from Him/Her/itself by the manifestation of a thought.


  • I believe that yes. If there is a God, a supreme being than it’s logical to realize it would be made up of smaller life forms. So the saying God is in everything makes more sense when you think of it like that. I always compare it to the cells that make up our bodies. Individual cells have no idea they collectively form this incredibly complex being.

  • What are you talking about? Consciousness arises from the electrical impulses between the neurons in our brain which is a closed system inside our skull.

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