Sunday, September 26, 2021

Does our consciousness and our personality effect where our energy flows after it leaves our body?


  1. No – there is no ‘flow of energy leaving the body’ in any kind of supernatural sense. You have chemical energy in the form of fat etc., and when you die you are digested by micro-organisms or you’re incinerated, so the energy does go somewhere but there’s nothing mystical about it.

  2. By energy, I assume you are speaking of ones spirit. I do believe that our spirit or energy is a separate entity than that of our physical self, if this is so then yes, I believe that our conscious thought and the demeanor of our actions will aid in determining where we will end up.

  3. Absolutely in my case I’m a bit of a witch I will be positive in zones where I think its needed but can project negativity to whomever causes me to go grrrrr! It helps clear the ether waves for my beta neurons to negotiate.
    I had to try and say something half interesting here forgive any wet bits which caused the damp to penetrate my diodes earlier.¬¬¬”08 ###”£$%^8 ?::?:: eeee =-=-=-### XCXCX z#z#Z///Z X ZZxx&*( * )(*###¬¬¬““=====\\|

  4. Hippy!
    Did I just say Hippy? What I meant to say, is that our conscioussness is a direct effect, of energy as it acts upon our flesh. As it moves us around, it creates paths of resistance, and feedback, and this is translated throught the Ariel that is our spinal chord, into consciousness. Conscioussness,collects at several points, along it’s length, in 7 nodes, or chakras, each finely attenuated to the others. We are especially aware of the crown chakra, in our brains, because that is where conscioussnesss is distilled, into personality. But there is a trap here, because the personality tends to ego tag everything, in relation to itself. This is called Identification. But in order to use this information constructively, the personality also creates “Identity” as a point of reference, to all the things it identifies, Thus, securing all the energy around a fixed central point. This point is You. Or what you think of as you. Fixed, in flesh, and subject to it’s density, and it’s needs. This is where things start to get interesting. The flesh, originally no more than a system of servos, and motors, developed to keep the energy in a state of kinesis, and tuned to the other nodal points or chakras. begins to make demands of the “You” and the “You” begins to serve the flesh. Keeping the energies, cohesive, and running smoothly, from your fixed point, or node of conscioussness. This is where most of us, spend our waking lives, running around maintaining the Meat. It is only when we stop attaching ego tags, that the chains binding us to flesh, can be cast off, and we can operate independently of the flesh. This is what we call dreaming.
    And it happens mostly when we are asleep. (Now who’s the Hippy) However, if we direct our energy along a dormant, neural pathway, by the sudden introduction of certain polarising chemicals, or neurotransmitters, the the ego can be temporarily tuned down, muted, or even bypassed completely, shocked into some state of torpor. This is when we see all the things that the ego has dutifully been “identifying” for years and years, without the anchoring point of “identity” to separate them all from us. Or us from them. This is usually when people start to find out about Godforms. And what they really are. And how we are all connected to everything. How everything exists as a part of everything else.
    All part of one huge,…….and this is where I usually find my Gods, but being subjective, (because of the reawakened ego) I’m not going to run with this any further at the moment, but you get the picture? Course you do, you Hippy!


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