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Does O'Reilly want America to have another terrorist attack to take down the Administration?

Bill O’Reilly said something last night on his broadcast that caught my attention: If America has another major terrorist attack; the Obama’s presidency will be over. Unquote. Was this a speculation on his part or this was planting a reaction in the collective subconscious mind of USA? What lengths would the Obama opposition do to discredit him?


  1. The way that these Cons have used 9/11 to push their ideology on the American people, they can only hope they get that chance again. This is how they think. It’s disgusting.

  2. I don’t think anyone including O’reilly want’s to see America have another terrorist attack and see people die. Why I think O’reilly is saying this, is because he see’s all the reckless dangerous steps Obama is taking to significantly weaken our national security. People can call Cheney a crook if they want, he’s a very smart man, and is speaking out for a reason against Obama’s poor decisions and policies concerning our national security. Obama is putting this country in a very dangerous position. I can not believe the American people voted in such an immoral unwise man. God bless.

  3. Obviously it’s speculation. If you watch O’Reilly regularly you will actually notice how moderate he is. He often defends the Obama administration. In this case he is only refering to the fact that many believe Obama is weakening our national security and is suggesting that if there is another terrorist attack many will stop supporting and blame Obama.
    To Throwing Stones (the person below me):
    Obviously you have never watched O’Reilly and know nothing about him. He is a moderate, and does not identify with the Republican or Democrat party. I suppose you believe you are some sort of political expert because you have voted in your first election and watch MSNBC regularly. Unfortunately for you, history and politics did not begin the day you started paying attention.

  4. No doubt. It is a sad commentary on the times that Americans root for disaster because their party lost the election. True examples of the term total losers.

  5. Think of the way he’s handling things now. He did nothing when North Korea tested their missile, he’s shaking hands with friends of Iran, and he’s flip flopping on his decisions. It shows weakness. If he continues to show that weakness before, (god forbid) during or after a terrorist attack, his presidency really will be over.
    When quotes like that are made, they are easily misinterpreted or misrepresented.
    Remember when John Kerry made that remark about the non-educated being sent to Iraq and how quickly that got out of control? While I understood what he meant, it was taken way out of context and it really was a poor choice of words. People need to learn to analyze before to go out making wild accusations.

  6. All of us conservatives hope there’s another attack. We want to feel tough by covering our trucks in more pro-war stickers while we send poor peoples kids to fight in the war. How else are we supposed to feel tough? We’re not going to actually fight in it ourselves? We’re true patriots? We would rather see another 3,000 dead Americans than to know our party was wrong. We’re not like those evil liberals who oppose illegal wars and torture.


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