Does one blocked chakra mean that all of those above it are also blocked?





If one chakra is blocked, is it still possible for the higher ones to be open or does a blocked chakra mean that all of the higher ones are also blocked? For example, if there is a blockage in the Heart Chakra, can the Throat Chakra be completely open?


  1. No, a blockage in one chakra does not mean the above chakras are also blocked. Your chakras can actually be in open/active, under-active, over-active, or blocked. They work together but each is separate. It is possible to have chakras that are in all of these different stages. For example, a blocked Sacral, an over-active Heart, and an under-active Throat. Start working on the blocked and under-active chakras first but remember to pay attention to the other chakras to make sure they stay open and active.

  2. I’d recommend you have your mechanic look at your blocked chakra immediately, it can be costly if you don’t.

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