If one chakra is blocked, is it still possible for the higher ones to be open or does a blocked chakra mean that all of the higher ones are also blocked? For example, if there is a blockage in the Heart Chakra, can the Throat Chakra be completely open?


  • No, a blockage in one chakra does not mean the above chakras are also blocked. Your chakras can actually be in open/active, under-active, over-active, or blocked. They work together but each is separate. It is possible to have chakras that are in all of these different stages. For example, a blocked Sacral, an over-active Heart, and an under-active Throat. Start working on the blocked and under-active chakras first but remember to pay attention to the other chakras to make sure they stay open and active.

  • I’d recommend you have your mechanic look at your blocked chakra immediately, it can be costly if you don’t.

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