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Does observation always affect what is observed?

I am no physicist, I just have a growing interest in quantum physics. As I understand it, observing something affects it because all observations are based on electromagnetic radiation (or some other kind of wave) hitting what is observed, affecting it, and we then perceive the reflected radiation. But what if the electromagnetic radiation is generated by the observed phenomena? In other words – does observing a star that is a 20 light years away affect it?


  1. Yes i think so
    because observing it means that it send light to us
    which effects it’s mass (a star convert it’s mass to heat and light)

  2. Yes, every thought concieved effect whatever focused upon. This is so, because thoughts penetrate all time and space and are the origins of any action or manifestation in the world. Your thoughts subconciously effect you in the future therefore you effect the universe including the stars. Its like a wave that ripples across time and space. One thing effects the other and so creates an infinte cause and effect.
    If you like this answear one of my questions.

  3. Just think in a simple way.U see a man steeling a parcel from mail box, he leave it and runs away!
    To observe a thing U have to put light on it.The light will move it into a small distance.With out light U can not see it!
    So seeing effect the object seen.

  4. The best information at the moment is entanglement controls. That means the universe in nonlocal and everything affects everything. That is the one of the possible interpretations of Myoho in MEME&FUPU.


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