Does Obama think Medical Waste Should be Used to Generate Energy to Help the Earth?

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What medical waste could we use to generate energy and fight global warming and pollution?
Could this be a silver lining of Roe v Wade?

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Oft Suspended

Obama has no understanding of the need for energy independence or how to achieve it.


Streamlining the billing process for one. Hospitals that bill patients $ 5.00 for a pair of surgical gloves when a box of 50 cost under $20.
Why are pills sold cheaper in Canada then in the US – when their made by the same company? Why do they even advertise pills on TV?
Medical is the same as Wall Street – GREED


he could hey save grandmas amputated foot do to diabetes it can bring down the power bill if we donate it energy. Maybe that is where all those live abortions will be going .

Daryl N

Does anybody besides me think this is just about the worst question you have ever seen posted?
Answer to question…no. It takes far more energy to dispose of medical waste than it could possible generate.


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