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Does Negative Energy Tend To Remain?

Does negative energy tend to remain in a place after the cause has already left? There are houses or buildings that I go into that I immediately feel uncomfortable there. It has nothing to do with the people who are there at the time. Any thoughts?


  1. it does. after theres been a fight or murder in a room and you walk into it, you can still feel the tension long after the events have passed.

  2. i believe it does cause i’ve been through the studies of the supernatural and science where there are something are still been argue by many who are clueless or just too proud of themselves while forgotten of our connection with the unknown before the arrival of science and technologies, but in any case its consider natural to feel of the negative energy around us yet its better off be a little bit cautious of the element as if you can’t over-rule it, it might as well reign over you. though there are some people whom might have the ability to manipulate or consume the negative energy its still consider risky to do so, or you can try to seek for a psychic help, or if do not intend to over do it you can try to do it my way that’s; try to look for a talisment or maybe a necklace with its assemble of the shape of the star of david as its the most powerful and arcane symbol before other with a little bit personal praying for protection against the negative energy, or try to load its picture into your computer as a wallpaper.
    and for the critics out there study before you prejudice of other; the star of david teaching started before any religions and it was previously use by king solomon himself to sommon and suppress the demons, so what can’t it not repel of the negative energy. well except if its coming from the living people themselves there are no use with other religions believe to over come it isn’t it?

  3. great question. i guess i’d have to say yes. i have been to a place and felt bad vibes as we call it and usually it happens where i’ve not been before. good question. food for thought.

  4. Hmmmmmmmm well, I think if something really violent happened a type of energy can remain but only affects how you feel, I don’t think it can possess you or control you in any way. You’ll just feel that wierd feeling.


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