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does negative energy effect people liking or coming close to you???

i feel like i have alot of negative energy cause no one wants to be around me, no one ever calls me to hang out. I’m such a good person, what can i do to get pple to call me and ask ME if I wanna hang out??


  1. You know what..I have no idea. But yes, if you are projecting a negative image of yourself to the world, then people are naturally going to “stay away” from you. I’m almost always a happy person and fun to be around aaand people still dont’ call me to hang out. I don’t know..people are wierd.

  2. People with negative energy are usually those seen by others as chronic complainers or those in a bad mood all the time.
    If you arent either, then you are probably shy and waiting on someone to yank your chain.
    I have no idea how old you are but if you are in school, you know where most of the hanging out goes on, football games, pep rallies, …go to them, be yourself and try to laugh with them.
    I am sure you have in idea of the clique you are closely related to, just try to be fun, be positive and be a listener. People of any age love listeners.

  3. Why do you think you have alot of negative energy?Has others told you that you do?Relax,life is too short to worry about the little things.Your just an average person no different than anybody else.If you feel worried or sad then change the way you think.I did and it worked for me.Find things which are positive,things that you like and focus on them more.And when your mind starts to stray towards something unpleasant just reel it back in and stay on a more positive level.If you want to make friends,really good ones you can meet these people by volunteering your services with an organization of some kind.The Red Cross always appreciates help and there are others out there who need it too.People who volunteer are usually selfless,caring and gracious.Try it out and you’ll feel good about yourself and what your doing.Every little bit we can do for others really makes a difference in who we are as individuals.Doesn’t sound like you have negative energy to me, just sounds like you need some direction and you’ll be fine.


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