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Does my subconscious mind believe I'm alone at work because I'm hidden in a cubicle, and so lets me get comfy?

I’ve heard that the subconscious mind is a powerful thing and that, unlike the thinking conscious mind, it believes whatever it sees/you tell it. Here’s my question –
I work in a large office building with a lot of cubicles. I’m in a cubicle where nobody can see me, but there is another person in the cubicle right next to me – we’re close enough that we can hear each other, but not see each other.
I drink coffee at work usually. When I started working for this company, I noticed my body would ‘percolate’ with sounds due to the coffee. However, my body never used to do this – when I worked in another office without cubicles (everyone was in plain sight of each other), I could drink coffee without my stomach ‘rumbling’ from the coffee.
My theory is that because I’m (seemingly) alone in my cubicle, my subconscious mind believes it’s okay to get ‘comfy’ and therefore allows my body to react to the coffee in a noisily manner. I believe that if the cubicles were removed all of a sudden and we all started working in plain sight of each other, these percolating sounds would stop because my subconscious mind would then literally see that I’m not alone and would therefore not allow my body to get ‘comfy’ – my body would rather be in a more tense and ready state because other people are around.
Is this a plausible analysis??
After working in various offices – both in a cubicle and in an open environment, I have to say I prefer an open environment office. It’s interesting – when I first started working, I thought I’d prefer being hidden alone in a cubicle, but I realize now that I much prefer an open office environment. I think having others see you openly – there’s like a little pressure and it’s a healthy check on your behavior.


  1. Yes, that sounds right, but also did you consider that maybe if you were around much more people in open space it would be a lot noisier and maybe you wouldn’t hear or notice the rumbling as much?


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